EufyCam - call an exorcist? Or tech support?

Just installed my EufyCam, and thought I’d check the live feed this morning.
The following two videos are straight out of the app with no editing. It’s worth cranking the sound up cos that’s pretty spooky too.

Video 1
Video 2

I’m hoping that someone can reassure me that it’s a technical glitch, and not the ghost of my wife come back to haunt me!

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The sounds could just be area sounds or cars passing by and being reflected off the walls, from the look of where the camera is it seems it could be like a alley of sort and generally sounds echo and distort through them. As for the dancing light, that could just be reflection off the lens or shadow casting of surrounding lights

Thanks for that.
Have to disagree about it being an alley, though. It’s open and wide (2x double drives side by side). I went and looked & there were no other light sources at all (not at 05:20hrs!). I was wondering if it was something to do with the software searching for humans to identify - maybe it got confused by the wheelie bin!


The dancing light comes from a thread of a spider web directly in front of the camera lens. I have this often too. The thread becomes “visible” through the IR light of the camera.
The best way is to “wipe” it in front of the lens with your hand. Then the thread should be gone.

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If you encounter the same issues again I’ll try resetting it first before contacting support