Eufycam base station 2 works with external battery and no internet? And other questions/advice

Why Anker, why!? Why does the newer Eufycam base station 2 not have an internal battery?! Okay so I’m trying to decide which EufyCam to buy and I want the best, no compromises option. But there are compromises with just about every product. The original Eufycam base has the internal battery, and has the micro sd card slot. The newer Eufycam base 2 lacks both of these items but will provide support for HomeKit and is said to have better range for the cams. More importantly though is that the Eufycam 2 is suppose to have better sensors for improved low light (I’m lumping the cam in with the base since you basically have to buy them together). The original Eufycam has facial recognition the Eufycam 2 does not. Almost is reminiscent of when apple went from the 2015 MacBook Pro to the 2016 one, they took away all the ports, the keyboard and basically everything people loved about macbook pros. So if someone could help me figure the hierarchy or Eufycams that’d be amazing.

That being said on to my main question (this is a workaround question for the lack of a battery in the base station 2), does the home base 2 work if the internet and power goes out, given that you find a way to power the Homebase such as with an external battery with an AC plug (Anker makes batteries like this) or with a UPS battery. Has anybody tried this and or could Anker test this since they make both products.

And well Anker support or anybody could you help me answer these other questions:

  1. does the base station 2 have RTSP support so that you can back everything up to Synology NAS? (The original home base could do this)

  2. which is better the Eufycam 2 or the original Eufycam? Which one is the best model?

  3. Also can someone make a page on the website to compare the different models. We really shouldn’t have to rely on the forum and private individuals to make charts that should be provided by the company. I am a confused customer.

  4. can someone make a compatibility page describing what Homebase works with what cameras. (I see tons of questions like this in the forums and in the Amazon Q&A area which means the information isn’t readily available or easy to find.

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I have the eufy cam 2c…it does have facial detention/ recognition and human detection

We do have the ability to connect to NAS/ RTSP

I had lost power and the homebase was connected to a ups system so it remained working when power went out.

Btw, we do have homekit support in the works as well as Alexa/Google integration

Thank you, that’s great to know, on Amazon the official EufyHome seller said no to the facial Ai stuff when other people asked. I guess it’s a matter of everyone being on the same page

This is for the 2c camera not the full size camera

So does the regular one have it?

I dont have the regular eufy cam 2 so I cant speak on if it does or not