Eufycam available at walmart

Hey guys, much awaited eufycam is available for sale at walmart.

@AnkerOfficial is this product live already? I dont see it listed anywhere else.


Looks like it is out of stock now. I dont see this product up for sale on eufy website. Not sure what going on.

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Often times you wont see new products on their website right away but you will see it for sale in Amazon or other websites. Just because it’s not there doesn’t mean much besides their web person is slacking


Walmart may have just listed it early. I’ve seen this with other products. They may open it up for pre sales in a few days.

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As a backer waiting on a potential ship date, I doubt these are actually at walmart.

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You’re probably right then, they may have just put it up early.

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Its interesting to see a product listed even before kickstarter backers have received their shipment.

@elmo - Agreed. I dont understand why anker (and its other brand) websites are not as up to date as its Amazon store.
@Element321 - It is possible that out of excitement Walmart launched it before Eufy :slight_smile: . I will try to go to this store and see if they actually have it available. Looks like it is back in stock

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I didn’t see the other day. Next time I’m in the store I will check and see if they have it.

I agree the website and sister sites could use a redesign to make it easier to find products from the main page and needs to be updated with new products much much faster. @AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial


Agreed. This store is 12 miles from place… Lets see if they have it for real … :sunglasses:

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So I went to the store and they dont have it in stock. Also the guy at walmart did not know when they will have it in stock.

Now after the official announcement on livestream, hopefully it will be soon available at Walmart for real. Would love to try it out. :slight_smile:

I bought one at Walmart yesterday. Most stores don’t have it, but I found one.
I did have to pay $499.00 for it!
Initial reactions:
*Picture quality is awesome.
*Included 2 door sensors work great!
*Doesn’t work much more than 30 feet away from the base station if you are using it outside. That is with nothing but open space, wood and glass between the base station and the camera.
*The camera seems exceptionally well made, however the mounting hardware is very low quality.
*Your base station has to be right next to your router as it is attached with an ethernet cable. So, if your cameras are to be used outside, all of your wifi equipment has to be pretty close to your cameras. I had to move my router and base station to the center of my house on the second floor with cameras approximately 25 to 30 feet away to make the cameras on the front porch and the back porch both work. I can’t imagine how close you would have to be if your home was made of concrete and steel.
*The camera is hard to tighten down and keep in the correct orientation to be able to adjust in the future.
*The ball connection is made of very light and low quality aluminum. The second one I mounted snapped right off when I tried to adjust it.
I really like Anker products, and I really want this all to work. I have had 2 calls in to customer support today, one when I had poor signal quality, and one when the hardware broke. Both times, I got to talk to Kevin. He was great and very personable. He clearly wants to help and wants this to be a great product. However, he just answers the phone and relays issues to the technicians, who he says work odd hours. He does also say that they work weekends and are very good. Fingers crossed. I will report back when I get a response via email from the technicians.
I did want to buy this same package from Kickstarter for $329 instead of the $499 I paid at Walmart, but I missed the window.
If the issues I have had aren’t resolved however, it isn’t worth either unless you have a very small apartment and are mounting the cameras inside. If distance limitations for mounting outside aren’t resolved, then I say skip it.


If they used a mesh network like z-wave or Wi-Fi 6 (which is hard to do since it is still being fleshed out) or make the system a mesh network of Wi-Fi 5 (Wi-Fi 5: 802.11ac ) you could just add to the mesh and have a extremely long range setup (over the range of the ideal 300ft range of current Wi-Fi) no matter how many walls and how large your home.

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Some people on the eufyCam Kickstarter have reported that they have extended the range of the system with WiFi Extenders though since the eufyCam uses its own WiFi system in the base and cameras to communicate I would guess that you can identify a specific IP for the base and extended it. Though the biggest problems with extenders are they degrade the signal they extend and put out more WiFi traffic.
Eufy should do some testing and maybe make its own extenders or at least have some recommendations.

Did you ever get a resolution to your hardware breaking? I was disappointed in the mounting hardware as well - I will be extra careful when mounting my second camera after seeing your post.

I had to use channellocks on the ring to get it tight enough to stay. The camera is so heavy, and trying to keep it in perfect position and tighten with your fingers is nearly impossible.

I am not looking forward to having to charge it - although it may be a while, I know it will need to happen down the road and I will have to decide if I want to charge it in place or take it down so I can charge it quickly from the homebase.

To answer some of your questions:

In terms of the 30 foot range, this is something we’re working on. We will also be coming out with a range extender in Q1 of 2019, so be on the lookout for that.

Thanks for the feedback!

Purchasing a longer ethernet cord would allow you to move the base station closer to the cameras. This might be something to look into.

Overall, we’re constantly updating the software to solve some of these issues that have been happening so far. Stay tuned as they will only get better.

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