Eufycam automation

Hi, very happy with my Eufycam. However I would really need to automate it with Smartthings home monitoring. Any ideas how to make this happen? IFTTT would be obvious, but Anker doesn’t seem to want to listen to this much asked and promised feature. Google assistant might be another way, but I cannot arm and disarm via Google, can I?

Any other suggestions? Would it be realistic eufy is ever opening it’s API and developers can integrate it with Smartthings, like Arlo?


Hello!@jasper3 Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience and disappointment caused! At the current stage, it is available for users to view the live feed from google assistant. But yes, your consideration is really to the point. The integration of more smart home-series apps would make our user more convenient. We’ll try our best to forward your concern to our engineer team and hope they can further consider its availability in the future. Thanks so much for your valuable time and feedback!

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I’d really like to be able to control my presence for Eufy from my main master presence controller which right now is SmartThings. This allows for one app, or one automation trigger to control home or away modes across multiple platforms. I do it today for others such as Nest and it works fine.


Right now, eufy system is stand alone and you need to go to the app to be able to change the Arm mode.
And Yes, you can view the live feed if you have google home or Alex connected TV or screen.

Dear Eufycam support,

Capacity to control the mode (home / away etc) outsize the app using Oauth2 authentification + http call or IFTTT would be a deeply appreciated by connected user like me (I use domoticz and my cam can’t be automated be it)

Dis you plan something like that in your roadmap ?

Thank a lot


Oh YES please provide an api to control some main features

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Is there some feedback on this??, your competitors are miles away from eufy on this mater…

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Please can you tell us if this is in your roadmap ?

This is a game changer

Thank you

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This is absolutely needed feature! So annoying when need to arm/disarm two separate systems (for others there may be more)

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Still no local API ?

Anker should finally tell us, how to access bases and cams to get and set attributes to use the EufyCam in local home automation!

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