Eufycam 2C want record when deteted Humans only is on?

I have had my 2 cameras for about a month now.
At first they worked perfect, but now they are acting different.
Now I have to set the cameras to all motion detected, before they will record action??
If I am outside and then just switch back to Human detection, then it dosnt record at all?
The problem is that we have 3 Mainecoon cats and a dog, who all walk in the garden, and always turn on one of the cams, so the power comsumption will not last so long as planed?
Hope someone can help with that??
An other thing is, how many phones you can use with the security app? I haved tried with 3 but then theres problems with the notifications to the phones. As soon as I deleted one of the phones it worked?

Hi @Klavil,

We may need more information to help you further regarding the two issues mentioned.
Please email eufy service team at with your account details so they can look into the problems and address them for you.

Thank you for your understanding.
The Anker Community Team

As for motion detection on humans only, you may have to set up a zone and also adjust the sensitivity in order for it to record properly. I know it’s not ideal, but it all depends in where the cameras are mounted and the angle

thanks for the reply.
As for setup zone, isnt that where you chose a zone from the picture or how do I do that?
The first camera is set in the driveway. It only shows my backdoor from above, and the garage. There is no motion of cars or people other that ourself and guests.
The other camera is set in the garden. Also no amovement other that our self and, our dog and 3 cats, who activate the camera now because of the chanced settings.
I have now chanced Security settings to scheduled, and even though we are home in the night time I just chanced it to away so it will record everything.
Both cameras have been set to 7 in sensitivity, and now they are 5, and it doesnt chance anything