EufyCam 2C Pro motion detection at night

Can the EufyCam 2C Pro detect humans at night with the spotlight enabled?

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I think it probably would but I do not have the pro and if that cam is different. I believe it would not be.

I have 3 different Eufy cams.

The motion detection for human mode is the following on all. Human events during the day and all motion is pushed during the night. The human mode basically switches to all motion at night due to the the lack of light would cause a decrease in that human detection.

I know that human detection doesn’t work in IR mode at night, but because the 2C has a spotlight it might work. I can’t find any documentation that confirms this.

Will say two of those Eufy cameras that I have both have spotlights as well but they both state the same human in the day and motion at night. The 3rd one may have it but it is an indoor one and I use that partly to view activity of my dogs.

In the day there is light so it is easy to view the shape of a human. At night you can not see the human and the IR is unable to distinguish colors. If it was tracking for a human and I had a white shirt and white pants on against the green grass, it is easy to detect a human mode. If I have a green jacket, green pants against green grass, I may look like a floating head vs a human shape and not get detected as it may only see a head verse a full body. Thus the reason for all motion. All motion will sense the head and trigger the spotlight and thus we can see it was a human.

So the spotlight is only triggered when the all motion senses movement from the IR. If the spotlight was on all the time, you could be correct that it may catch the human detection but the battery would be dead pretty soon. IR>movement>spotlight>Human, car or anything in between