Eufycam 2c - Nothing recorded at night.

I have a 2x Eufycam 2c (front and rear of house)
Activity zones set.
All works fine in day time, but nothing is recorded and no push notifications at night despite the security mode setting (away/home/etc)

I have confirmed motion detection in motion test mode. (red LED lights up, and either spotlight or IR gets illuminated)

Trying to understand why nothing is getting recorded. Seems PIR function is working correctly, its just the hub deciding not to record.

How does the activity zone work? is this processed on the image? by the homebase?

I found the same thing happening

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I have the same problem! Everything works fine in the evening, but after midnight it just stops recording. Sometimes it still records 1 or 2 events, but most of the times nothing!

Did you guys try resetting it? If that doesn’t help contact support

Yes with my older camera (few months old) i did the reset, removed the homebase and did the setup again! I restarted the Homebase many times.
It didn’t help! So i contacted eufy and they send me a new camera.
With the new camera i have the same problems. I didn’t do a reset with the new camera so i just did a reset.

Its really strange In the evening its recording many events…after 12, nothing or just 1 or 2

That’s strange and have you check every setting? Maybe there is something that prohibits recording at a certain time

I am not using the schedule and its set to Home, i haven’t changed any setting in there, because i am not using the away mode ect

Last night it recorded one video at night and 2 videos after 6!

Have you tried moving around in the evening after midnight to see that you are truly not picking things up or just no activity during that time? Do you live where there is a lot of motion at night and that is how you know it isn’t working?

It isn’t the lack of movement , there is plenty of moving around by me and my pet in early morning hours (Indoor cam)
Walked outside 3 AM no notifications no recordings from 2 cams, sat and watched opossum out back right in front of the camera nothing (outdoor cams)
I have to say though the last couple nights cameras have been working properly

I wonder if the IR isn’t providing sufficient lighting or the sensor isn’t detecting but that is odd that you have already received a replacement camera. Maybe try pulling our outdoor camera and place next to indoor to see side by side to maybe troubleshoot the issue. You sure you have the appropriate distance for the IR to work when it is pitched black.


None of my settings have changed and they seem to be working properly now
during the same time I was not receiving recordings or notifications from the Eufy camaras, I was receiving notifications and recordings from Arlo, blink and wyze cams

I haven’t moved the cam around, i guess thats one of the options i still can do…
I still have my wyze cam and that is recording 14 videos at night. So yeah i know there is definitely motion at night. And my wyze cam is almost in the same spot as the eufy cam!

And When i first got my eufy cam it worked also at night for the first few weeks! After the first few weeks its just stopped recording mostly at night. thats why Eufy send a new camera. While i was waiting for the new camera my old camera started to work better again. But now with the new camera its the same problem!

You guys should probably contact Eufy support

Sounds like it maybe a firmware update causing issues. Wonder how many people have the same issue. Second @ikari04warrior contact support. I guess when in doubt always contact support.

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I usually try to troubleshoot it myself but when the product is not working correctly and it’s still under warranty the best thing to do is to contact support

In my case yes… I’ve been out wandering about at night. It PIR obviously detects me as the camera springs to life and the IR LEDs turn on. But nothing gets recorded. It’s like the hub has decided not to rather than the camera. Really annoying.

Also having a similar issue. Just went out to take the trash out and realized my 2C cam didn’t trigger. Went through all the settings while in front of the cam. Rebooted base and camera. Nothing.

My hub had been updated to (in the UK) and the issue seems to have gone away. I now get recodings at night (so far, but I’ll continue to test)

I really hope this is really solved. Anyone else seen an improvement?

Mine seems to be working OK at night now but , I had problems yesterday, I had a delivery with a big package , porch camera didn’t record anything , My other cams ( Blink /Arlo ) for yard and driveway picked up the motion no problem,
I went out there and walked in front of it and it did nothing,
it usually detects me all the way out in the driveway, before I even get to the porch, I restarted the base from within the app and it seems to be OK after that and picked up the squirrel climbing around this morning twice

RE: Eufycam 2c - Nothing recorded at night.]( … I’ve read all of these with interest. Eufy cameras operate in the 2.4 GHz radio spectrum, the most congested spectrum for both WiFi and a host of other RF applications. These night NOT recordings issues are sometimes intermittent and seem to track RF environments affecting the 2.4 GHz spectrum. You’d have to see the whole RF floor and ceiling on a spectrum analyzer - and if you could see all the interference you’d realize the mess that exists all the way from WiFi to cordless phones, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, AV devices, baby monitors, garage door openers and MANY, MANY more. Ironically, the RF “noise” or digital signal to noise ratio (SNR) should improve at night and into the midnight to sunrise time period. The only SIGNIFICANT 2.4 GHz entities that increase at night to cause interference are business and government (especially military) nightly backup transmissions. That would possibly account for the 10pm to sunrise interference. What would cause the same interference between perhaps 8pm to midnight would be everybody in the neighborhood slamming down on the WiFi common channels 1, 6 and 11 - which are usually defaulted and 99.9% of WiFi users are clueless to which channel they’re duplexing on. A PRACTICAL and likely solution to your Eufy, or any camera operating on 2.4 GHz, is to move the homebase as close to the cameras as possible - even if it means extending the ethernet cable to the Homebase and weather-proof enclosing it. Signal strength is directly proportional to the square of the distance between the devices. Glenn Disney - RF engineer, FCC commercially-licensed w/radar endr… I think this simple move will fix 99% of these night recording problems.