Eufycam 2C no Google Home support?!

I recently bought de Eufycam 2C primarily because of the HomeKit and Google Home support. But unfortunately the 2C does not stream the video feed to my Chromecast or the Google Nest Hub. This is very disappointing especially because this feature is listed on the product specs.

Support team, can you please share with us when the 2C will get Google Home support for streaming the video feed to chromecast enabled devices? Thank you


Same with me, i could connect the system in the homeapp, but we could not find a way to use it together.

What are the voicecommands that work with the eufycam, anybody who knows a list of them?

Iam very disappointed, because I bought the eufycam 2c system only for using it with Google home, so if someone could help, I would be very happy.

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Hey guys! @Fremske @fx1

Thanks for reaching out. So sorry to let you know that the HomeKit is currently not available to use with Google Home support at the same time.

Due to the difference in the audio format, the HomeKit can only function for the live view individually.

The engineering team is working on this case at the moment, hopefully, we will fix the issue in the future.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.

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I have the same problem. It’s listed as a camera in Google Home but it just shows ”Smart Home Camera” on my TV when I try to stream to my Chromecast.

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Same here. I have linked my eufy security account to Google and the camera is showing in my Google Home. But whenever I view it on my Google Nest Hub or stream it to my Choromecast, it always shows “Smart Home Camera” on the screen without any video feed from the camera.


I cannot stream my doorbell on my tv using Chromecast. I have the same message. This issue and the fact that I have no sound coming from the doorbell if I switch on my micro make me very disappointed with this product. I hope it will be solved otherwise it will be the first time that I will send back a device.

Hi Guys
Has anyone tried the 2c on Facebook portal/alexa Eufysecurity or the skill named monacle with RTSP as I would like to use the Portal to answer the guys at the front door?

Hi, I recently bought the 2c Kit as it states on the box that it is compatible with Google Assistant, what exactly can you do ?

I have the same problem. I bought the 2C 3x camera set, floodlight and 2k wireless doorbell specifically because they all say they integrate or support Google Assistant. If they can’t, I’ve wasted my money. Very disappointing and misleading if this is the case and the issue isn’t rectified very quickly.

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Hi Anker team
I recently got the eufy2c cameras and notice that the stream is not able to get to the google Nest Hub.
Need help to make this work, I am returning this otherwise.
See attached picture.

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This is incredibly disappointing.
One of the key reasons I bought this system is to stream the feed on my TV.
I wish I would have found this thread prior to purchasing as I would have been looking at other options. It’s quite frustrating to find this out after I’ve spent a while setting it up in Google home then not being able to do anything with the devices.
I’m not concerned about audio, it would be good just to see the video stream.
@AnkerSupport, is the 2C on the dev plan? If so what sort of timeline? Can your website be updated with clarity on what Google assistant support is actually available with these devices?


Yeah this is pretty problematic, I replaced a Logitech Circle 2 which had no problems working with Homekit and Google. I feel pretty misled by this.

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I think you misunderstood the question. When will the Eufycam 2C and presumably all other Eufycams that use Homebase2 be fully integrated with Google Home and Google Assistant? Google Assistant voice commands and Google Home streaming don’t appear to be working. It would be great to see this page updated with detailed instructions for the various Eufycams.

Same problem here in Belgium. Lies should be punished .

Just wow! So glad I found this thread before Black Friday. I was hoping to replace my Ring system of camera with Eufy for the additional Google Home compatibility. (A functionality I specifically enquired about with Eufy’s support team)

Additionally, I was also looking to add Eufy security products to my parents home (who also use Google Home)

Firstly, I’m shocked that their support team advised that these were compatible.

Secondly, that’s two households of security products that won’t be purchased from Eufy.

Finally, the fact that I’ll probably share my negative experience / lack of trust in Eufy with other smart home enthusiasts and buyers.

How misleading are Eufy’s support and sales team!

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So maybe to clear up some confusion. And someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

You cannot pull up the video feeds from the 2C in the Google Home App on your phone. You can add them but they are just listed as a device but you can’t do anything with them, but you can send the video feeds to a Nest Hub or Chromecast.

To pull up the feeds on your phone you would just need to use the Eufy app.

The issue doesn’t seem to be being able to view cams on your phone. As you say using the Eufy app is a simple solution to that.

The issue seems to be being able to summon cam feeds to view through Google Assistant. Be that on a Nest Hub, or through Chromecast.

Based on reviews I thought this was possible. It is also the specific query I raised with Eufy support, who confirmed it was possible.

As such if it isn’t, or this function is nolonger available, users are rightfully going to be annoyed.

I have also tried to set up the feed from my front door to all three of my Google Nest Hubs and for one day it worked. The following day it just stopped working on all devices. Tried rebooting everything and resetting to factory defaults with no luck. All firmware up to date. Didn’t get the chance to see if I was able to speak through the Nest Hub to the doorbell. All I get now when I try to pull up the camera on the Nest Hub is a blank black background with Smart Home Camera in the center. A fix for this would be greatly appreciated.

Same here. Didn’t work with Google Hub at all. It’s streaming to the app with no issues but as soon as I’m asking to stream on GHD it just never starting.
Bought 6 cameras, but I guess I have to return it back.

Eufy, any solution?

same issue here. used to work earlier, now when i go to the google hub, all i see is a blank screen…

Maybe time to replace the google hub with an iPad Mini on my office desk… make more sense to keep an eye on the cameras around the home …