Eufycam 2c new "Spotlight Night Vision" feature not working

In the last version of the iOS app, support for “Spotlight Night Vision” has been added. However, this doesn’t seem to work properly. When I change the Night Vision setting to the new “Spotlight” setting, the spotlight goes on for a second or so when motion is detected, but it then goes off right away. This repeats with every new motion detection. Plus, there is no video recorded. So in a nutshell, when setting Night Vision to Spotlight mode, the system stops recording anything, so this is completely useless for now.

In live view mode, when I enable the spotlight manually, the image quality is really good, so this would really be a good feature if the main function of the system - detecting motion and record videos of it - wouldn’t stop working.

When I set Night Vision back to I/R or None, everything works as it should.

Is this a known bug?

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