eufyCam 2C Google Home Integration

Bought a 2C kit recently, hooked that to google home Display . If I say “Hey Google, show my front camera”, it works and google home streams the view.

However When there is a notification on “someone spotted”, It would be great if Google Home can stream the feed. Currently I get the notification on my phone and can tap it to view the feed.

Any ideas on how to do notification on google home display?

Hey I know this is old but in case you or someone else sees it…when you say you can show the Eufy2C cam on your Google display, does that include audio, and/or the ability to talk via the camera? I’m guessing no, that can only be done via the Eufy app?

I have a set of 2C’s on the way and my house is very Google home-automated so I’m really hoping Anker plan to expand Eufy’s support of the Google ecosystem.

when you stream the feed on google display, you get audio from the camera. It does not work other way round.