EufyCam 2C Geofencing Help

I recently purchased the EufyCam 2c. I cannot get the Geofencing to work no matter what I do. All the permissions are fine. When I am home and I set geofencing, it will correctly detect that I am home. Then when I leave, it will not change to Away. While I am away, I can either switch it to Away mode manually, or, If I pull up the Geofencing map, it will show my correct location, then when I go back to the settings page it will then update and show the mode as Away. Then, when I return home it will not update the mode to Home. But again I can manually change it to Home, or I can look at the map, which will show my correct location, and then go back to the settings, and that will make the mode change back to Home. These cameras are not usable for me if this is how it is going to work, and I want to return them soon before my return window closes. Is there anything I can do to get the geofencing to work?