Eufycam 2C foggy camera lens issue / warranty issue

For the last month I’m experiencing an issue with one of my Eufycam 2C camera’s which I bought on September last year (2020).
The cameralens has gone really foggy on the inside so I’m unable to wipe it off. I took the camera inside and put it near the heating so it would dry up, eventually it did. After putting it back outside for a couple of days I noticed that the lens was foggy again.

I bought the package (Homebase + 2 2C camera’s) on Aliexpress, on which I got a good deal € 148,92. After getting in touch with Eufy’s customer service with the request to receive my money back or a replacement 2C camera, because of this quility issue, I was told that they are not able to send me a new camera and are only able to give me a refund of 28.48 dollars which is around 23,37 euro. The reason why I would only get that amount of money back is, according to customerservice, because I already used the camera for 7 months. I dont believe that thats the way warranty works. I bought a product which fails within the 2 year warranty periode so I believe I should be entitled for a replacement camera or my money back. It even says so on the offical Eufy website.

I told customer service that a refund like that wouldnt do me any good, especially because new Eufy 2C camera’s are prices 99 euro a piece in the Netherlands right now.

I have some photo’s of the camera + screenshots of the images the camera takes but I dont now how to upload it through this forum.

When reading topics of people that having the same issue as me I see nothing but praise and good story’s about how customer service helped them out. Hopefully someone can help me out. I put in so much time getting in contact with Eufy, first through Aliexpress (no response) and then through supper ( but I’m not seem to be getting anywhere.

I can not truly said about what the policy is between Aliexpress and Eufy is. I was thinking that they would have to nagivate through Aliexpress.

If based on the discount each camera cost 62 each home base was about 24 give or take.

Since the warranty is 12 month and not 24, I am guessing they were refunding 5 months of no use which was about 25.

If you have not got a response from Eufy then it may be due to the weekend.

Is there any specific moisture in that area for that camera? The charging port cover is on as well?

If on a pc the upload is in the middle of the tools and look like a pic. If on a mobile there is a button at the bottom of the text box for upload.