eufycam 2c constantly disconnecting


for about 2 weeks now, I am running a set of two eufycam 2c with a Homebase 2. I really like it, was easy to install etc. although I need to find a new place for one of the cameras, as the IR reflection makes night vision almost useless, but Ok.

Anyhow, what really bothers me is that in those two weeks, both cameras silently disconnected from Homebase and never re-connect automatically.

  • Wifi is good
  • Homebase is about 2 meters aways from one cam (normal wall between) and ~5 meters away from the other
  • As long as they’re connected, signal and throughput is fine
  • Restarting Homebase does not cut it
  • Cameras tend to reconnect rather quickly when pressing the sync button, but that’s a pain to do tbh

I have seen other posts similar to this, however never found a satisfying answer to actually solving this issue.

Anything I might have missed?



Ok, I guess this is it. I have moved the Homebase, connected it to the LAN, changed the power management settings of both cameras to “Optimal Observation”, or whatever the choice is labelled in English.

Within 2 days or so, both cameras disconnected. Distance to the Homebase is the same, and while I reattched the cameras after re-syncing I used the mounting wizard to check the WiFi connection between Camera and Homebase. It told me all was good.

Interestingly enough, no reply to either of my posts, no reply to my mail sent to This is quite frustrating to say the least and I will be returning the kit.

I was expecting a little more from these tbh.


Did you eventually sort this problem out?

Im having the absolute same issue, my EufyCam2 Constantly going offline and their customer service has not helped at all.

In fact I haven’t. I returned the kit and soon after got a pair of wireless cams from the same manufacturer that built my video doorbell and the owner of said manufacturer actually also runs the largest marketplace on the web which, on a Black Friday, sold it’s products for a decent price :slight_smile:

No issues ever since. I had to buy a pair of backup batteries for the Spotlight Cams, though as they are a little more hungry for power, but with two batteries and some control over when they store videos, ring notifications etc.etc. both at least work out 2 months. With a third battery this is not an issue, just replace here and there.

And as I can use all the batteries in all of my three devices, this does not hurt much.

Didn’t regret the switch at all.