EufyCam 2019/10/15 update - "Failed to request.(99)" Error. No longer able to capture new recordings, no notifications, unable to change settings on base station

Base station light has been red since the update. Unplugged and plugged it back in when we realized it wasn’t recording. Rebooted and the light turned solid blue, which normally indicates everything is OK.

However, we are still not getting any notifications for new recordings, and we are not seeing any new recordings show up during testing.

Live viewing of the cameras works fine however, which is an odd quirk.

More frustratingly, we cannot change any settings in the app. Every time we try, we get “Failed to request.(99)”. This is for basic settings adjustments, like enabling/disabling notifications for our backdoor camera as a test.

The system has been working (relatively) bug free before now, other than a few known issues.

Seems like you are better off sending eufy support an email

You could try a full reset of the system but dropping an email might provide a solution without having to go that route yet :slightly_smiling_face: