eufyCam 2 vs eufyCam E: image quality differences in the beginning of the feed

I’ve had the eufy cam system for a few months now. Generally speaking I am quite very happy with everything. I had a small issue with one of the cameras, but anker support has been great, and they fixed everything.

At first I purchased the eufyCam E cameras with the Homebase E.
Then I decided to add more cameras and I purchased a few eufyCam 2s. Everything works just fine.

To me the image of the E looks better than the 2’s. It has a more natural feel to it. The 2s image looks like an HDR image, which make it less natural looking.

Are there any people with eufyCam 2s?
I have a question for you.

When you turn on the camera’s live feed, do you also have about 2-3 seconds when the camera is doing image adjustments? During which the image is quite grainy, the brightness goes up and down. Then after about 2-3 seconds everything stops and all is fine. This happens both day and night.
Do you have this?

What make this more interesting is that the E cameras don’t experience this. The E cameras are ready within less than a second, and their picture quality is very good from the start.

While a few seconds don’t sound like a lot, it does make a difference. Especially when something is happening in the beginning of the video.

Do you guys see the same adjustments happening during the start of the video with the eufyCam 2s?

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i have the eufycam and eufycam 2 and the image quality of the 2 are way worse…i dont now why…your spot on in the description of the eufycam 2 image quality…

My 2C cameras have similar behaviour - it can take 5 seconds before the image stabilises and goes from blocky to nice and sharp.

I raised it with Eufy support and have received this reply: “our engineer has located the root cause and they will optimize this issue in our next firmware update”.

So, hopefully there will be a fix soon…


I have the 2c with the same block/pixelated issue as well as video going from normal to a blue/purple hue during live or recoded view…:cry:

Yes I see the same issues with the 2 and 2C’s I have. Hopefully this can be resolved with a firmware update as the first few seconds could be the most critical moments.

Otherwise I’m really happy with the cameras other than my HomeBase keeps deleting the latest videos rather than the oldest videos first when the storage fills up!

Yesterday the eufyCam 2s automatically updated their firmware. I tried to find the release notes, but the system includes no information on what was updated.

I think they improvements this image quality issue. Slightly.
It is still not at the eufyCam E level, but seems better than before.

Does anyone know where we can find the firmware release notes?

Let me take the last post back. It is really not much different from how it was. It seems a bit better during the day, but at night it is still the same. The first few seconds are pretty useless in the feed/recorded video.

They need to push out an update to fix those issues

I Just posted about this very issue.

Bought 3x Brand new EufyCam 2 cameras, setup using the default settings, so set to optimal battery and i have updated to the newest firmware etc.

However whenever an event happens and I go into events to watch it, the first 5 seconds of the clip is pixelated very badly, this happens in daytime and even worse at night time.

I just watched a clip of a cat walking past the camera, by the time the camera focused, the cat had already walked past the camera. This is unacceptable for an expensive camera like this. Who wants a camera that records 20 second clips and misses the subject of the alert completely???

What you guys think I should do, only bought the Eufycam 2 system this week, shall I send it back and buy an Arlo or a fixed live cam, or wait for Eufy support to fix this?

How on earth can Eufy release a camera like this with such an obvious and bad fundamental basic issue as having bad focus when an event or live video is loaded? It’s almost like everything on the camera is asleep, then you click view video and it takes 5 seconds to wake up, not acceptable at all.

Have you contacted support?

If you aren’t happy with it return it
If you can live with it wait it out

Although things have been getting better for the original system it’s now 2 years old & we are still waiting on things they said they were working on 2 years ago

Eufy repeatedly make promises, say they are working day & night, give release dates etc
Their promises & release dates always get broken

They will probably fix the issue in the new cameras they are working on, the eufycam 2 pro & eufycam 2c pro which are the 2k versions

That’s not a good sign, wish i’d known that before buying.

@ikari - I’ve contacted support, will see what they come back with, but i’m really surprised that this forum is not flooded with complaints about this particular issue, how can you justify paying £350+ for a camera that isn’t even in focus and take 25% off the entire capture to un-pixelate everytime you connect live or watch a recorded event?

Anyway, will see what support say, but I am for sure not waiting 2 years+ for a firmware fix, if the answer if no, then it’s swiftly getting returned ASAP as it is not fit for purpose.

@Sharpharp: let us know if you find out anything.


Just to update everyone, I have had a dialogue running with Eufy support and they are fully aware of the 5 second pixellation and offered no hope, so regrettably had to return the cameras… Real shame, because the Eufycam 2 ticked all the other boxes, but pixellation issue is a major problem.

Apparently the new Eufycam 2 Pro’s which are coming out soon still have the same Pixellation problem, but may be slightly, yes SLIGHTLY better focus… So if you are all excited about the Pro versions with the 2K video resolution, i’d hang fire until the pixellation issue is properly resolved.

Wow that’s bad

I commented above in Feb that I had reported the 5 second blocky image issue with my 2Cs. Eufy Support indicated it would be fixed in a firmware update.

I am pleased to report that now the image is far better and consistently stabilises within one second.

Sometimes the white balance changes a little after 5 seconds, but otherwise I would say it’s working really well now! FYI 2C firmware 1.6.1 25th May.