Eufycam 2 Pro Motion Detection Frustration

Installed my eufycam 2 pro this week and have been having some problems with getting the motion detection to work properly for the camera monitoring the driveway. It’s install above the garage on the right side maybe 8-10 feet off the ground.

I set up motion zone to cover primarily the driveway and the walkway to the house. Didn’t want to capture cars driving by or people walking in front. Sensitivity kept at 4. Initially, I was getting motion detection for cars driving by so I made the motion zones smaller - to the point where it only covered 50% of the driveway, but it still notified cars driving by.

Next, I tried turning the sensitivity down to 3 which didn’t seem to make any difference and then to 2, which now didn’t notify for ANYTHING.

Turned it back up to 3 and then to 4, but now it doesn’t notify for anything. Increased the motion zone back to the full driveway with no luck. I even walked in front of the camera and nothing.

Suggestions for what I should try next?

Reset it and if it’s still happening then reach out to support


It started detection motion again at 4 - not sure if it’s some delay in the settings taking. Unfortunately, it’s back to detecting everything again. 55 events and probably only 10 are within the activity zone at sensitivity levels 4 and then 3. Now down to 2 and there was one notification so far on cars outside of the motion zone.

It’s disappointing because I really like anker - I was beta testing a blink camera out before and I have to say that it did a lot better job of detecting just the motion in the driveway like I wanted. Decided to get the eufy cause it’s about the same price and it should be comparable or better but this is giving me second thoughts about keeping it.

Yea I totally understand your frustration. Can it still be returned? If it diesnt work as advertised then you should probably look into contacting support about it

Thanks, I have a conversation with support with disappointing results.

Basically motion zones are areas where the camera focuses on motion more, but it doesn’t exclude motion from outside the area. To be honest, that seems silly to me, but that’s a separate conversation. As a result, if there is significant motion outside of your motion zones, it’ll still trigger detection/notification.

Support suggested that I use this guide and try the things suggest here: Unlock the power of eufyCam 2/2C -Motion Detection

Unfortunately, the settings that I can tweak there aren’t sufficient to have the camera stop detecting false positives while still detecting what I want (which is motion in the driveway - cars and people). With sensitivity setting 2, it stops detecting anything, and with setting 3, it detects 20-25 outside of the zone a day (which eats into the battery life).

My last resort is to remount the camera at a different location and point it more down so it doesn’t even see the street (if that’s possible) and if that doesn’t work, then sadly, I’ll return it and look for another solution.

Thanks for the update, and I hope by changing its location it will give you better results. Anyway good luck :+1: