Eufycam 2 Pro / different Firmware Version - Equal Cameras

Hi all,
I am using the eufycam 2 pro for a few days now.
I bought them in different shops.

The first thing i did is to make the firmware actual. I saw that there are different firmware Versions. One is using the 3.8.4, and the others are using the version 4.5.2.

How can this be? Is there a reason for that?

The Camera with the lower Firmware Version also have a different menü. There is a Tonic called „datenschutzzone“ (data secure zone).

Does anyone have information about That?

Thank you and best regards

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You could publish your question here as well :

@lar9 Try rebooting your Homebase and/or complete a manual check for the firmware.

I’ve seen mine update the firmwares at different times.

I already got an answer from the support. They told me there are different cameras with different chips in the market. Both have also different Firmware versions.
If i understand it correctly the data secure zone will not come to the old Firmware (cameras).

Strange what eufy is doing there. Isnt it?

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Not strange in light if there being a global chip shortage for all markets. Eufy is utilizing what is available to them without having to increase the price due to the chip shortage and making it work with their existing products.

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This would be similar to what I was thinking. I know on the soundcore site, there was like 3 different firmware of the Liberty air 2 and each had a different firmware and button functionality…

It could be due to a shortage or a tweak that was added to the camera that could not be done via a firmware update.

I know that it’s a old post, but I have the same situation. I bought a system with homebase 2 and 3 eufycam pro 2 last year in July. Unfortunately, one of cameras was broken and get back to warranty. When return, I received a new camera with another firmware. The old 2 cam have 4.6.8 version and new one have 4.1.4 and don’t want to increase to last firmware.
Can be that a problem? I don’t see yet a difference in menu or functionality. Maybe is a little bit noise when detect a body. Every time I hear a click…

My cam 2 pro currently have v4.1.4 firmware and has some issues, night vision taking several seconds to come one and also clicking, video footage is jerky, not fluid like the 1080p cameras I have, I’ve tried changing resolution back to 1080p but still same problems.
How do I get v4.6.8 and how to push to camera, also does this version fix the issues mentioned?

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