eufyCam 2 Pro (2k) in UK?

When is the eufyCam 2 Pro (2k version) camera going to be available in the UK?

The eufyCam 2 Pro (2k) will be available once Anker feels like they would get a good outcome of launching that product there. Right now you can have it ordered in the U.S. and have it shipped to you by a friend or someone you know who lives here.

Yes waiting for 2K to perches (why get 1080p when you can get 2K for same price)?

I didn’t even realize that 2K outdoor was available, I guess not in Canada yet as it is not on Will be watching for this.

You’ll probably have to wait a bit

EufyCam 2 Pro (2K) is available on Amazon UK. I ordered two add on cameras today! Eufylife UK don’t seem to be showing just yet though.

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Thanks for this, I’ve just found it too. Apparently been available since 15th June 2020 but I couldn’t find it before. 20% off as well so only £10 more than the non-pro version.