Eufycam 2 - is there an anti theft mount available?

Hi just got my hands on the eufycam 2 and looking forward to setting it up. However the only place suitable for me to mount with a good view of the front door is only about 8-9 feet off the ground. Is there any anti theft mounts or chains available on the market suitable for these cameras? I see loads for arlo and blink cams but nothing for the eufycam

I’ve just mounted mine today and have exactly the same problem. I’ve mounted one above the front door and it could easily be unscrewed and stolen.

On a side note, the exterior mounts look extremely cheap once mounted, almost like fisher price toys.

However, the video quality and sound are absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t be more happy with the install. No wires so very quick and easy to mount. The HomeBase connection is great and no issues with poor signal. I’m a very happy customer!!

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If you are skilled you could invent such one by yourself.
But if someone really wants to steal, he will, even by destroying the camera. :neutral_face:

Maybe disguised as something else

I’m in the middle of modifying a birdhouse to mount the Eufycam 2. The goal is to blend it in to the landscape. If somebody wants to steal it, they will find a way but risk being captured on video.

Specific one being used: Wren Birdhouse.

Modifications involve:

  • enlarge opening to 2.5" diameter.
  • final profile will be a slot to allow up/down adjustments
  • will be using the magnetic support base to limit protrusion of the camera.
  • remove the rope used to hang it and plug the holes in the roof.
  • use Velcro inside the roof to allow removing it as-needed.
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Dont forget the breeding birds in that house. :joy:
Kidding only. You understand, I hope as you are new here,
I am the jerk here!:rofl:

But the idea is not bad.

Sounds pretty good, I think you are set

Hi. Did you ever get sorted with an anti-theft mount please? I’m on the hunt as well now! Thanks,

You could mount such a warning label. :smiley: