EufyCam(2) - How to create a "smart alam pattern/plan"?

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I am looking for advice how you guys have setup your EufyCam arming.
To give a bit of feedback, I had used Arlo before and my schedule was:

a.) When geofencing is away, all cameras are armed.
b.) When geofencing is how, then the scheduled plan is activated.
c.) Scheduled plan is “off at daytime” and “outdoor cameras activated at night”

Eufy only gives the option, when geofencing is used, to select “away”, “home” or “deactivated”.
So it goes to activated when I am away, and to home when I am at home. Home is “activated w/o alarms or popups (just recording)” - this is so I don’t miss at night. But it drains the battery.

If I take “deactivated” for home, I have no night recordings…

How do you solve for that? Smart advices appreciated…


You are correct on the settings for eufy app if you have HomeKit you can setup a schedule within the app and have it arm that way at night other than that I don’t really know

Can I combine settings in Eufy app and homekit?
I have 5 cameras, but HomeKit only accepts 4.

So I could arm them via geofencing through Eufy app, and when home deactivate.
Then home app does activate at night schedule…

I don’t think you can arm or disarm the cameras via app until HomeKit Secure Video is implemented

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You are correct that is the current limitations of HomeKit but in the next 2 months secure video will be rolling out hopefully we se a beta with that option soon

Thank you for sharing! @feidner

We will pass on this information to our product team, thanks again for all your patience and support.

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