EufyCam 2 for Rat Control?

Hi folks,

Due to a previous rats infestation, I have set up three EufyCam 2 cameras in my loft space to keep an eye on rats. I have set the camera mode to “Customize Recording”, changed the motion detection type to “All Motions”, and set the detection sensitivity to the maximum value.

Yesterday morning I heard a scratching noise from the loft space, which from my experience indicates rat activities. The noise came from a location that is under the surveillance from one of the cameras. However, when I opened the eufy security app and went through the surveillance records, there was no recording from the camera. It appears that the rat motion did not trigger a recording.

I have tested all three cameras and they worked fine at detecting motions of large objects (e.g. humans). However, I am not sure whether their recordings can be triggered by motions of smaller objects. I have placed the cameras at appropriate locations so that a rat would at least cover 80 x 50 pixels in a 1080p video. I want to know if an object of this size is large enough to trigger the motion detection of EufyCam 2? Is there a threshold for the object size so that its motion can be detected? Thanks in advance.

I think it should detect the rats just fine. Give it a couple more days and play with the settings

I reccomend changing your settings so it detects everything and not just people. Also change your sensitivity level to high and it should be able to pick up the rats

Hey @scraper2020

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

To address your concern, you may try to draw the activity zone for the particular area that you would like to pick up and also changing the sensitivity level and see if it makes any difference.

Hope this information helps. If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!

Thank you all for the advices. Just want to report that after tuning the settings the cameras are able to record the rats now.

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