EufyCam 2 Cameras Constantly Going Offline

Bought this product after months of research, everybody said how good is was. there was a few minor negative comments towards it such as battery life and the pixelated start of recordings.

However, I have had nothing but problems with this system. Everyone claims great connectivity but honestly they must be lying. As i can go 3/4 days with cameras going offline/online several times a day or even going offline for long periods of time.

Ive emailed and been in constant communication with their customer support but i get the same response back each time “Is the homebase connected to the Internet and is the blue light on” YES. its connected and the blue light is on. Ive had it connected via Ethernet for most of the time for better connection but was told to try WiFi connection. This worked for all of 2 days and now i’m away working and all my cameras have gone offline.

For reference, i use the Eero Pro Mesh WiFi system, which is FLAWLESS

What can I do? Return them? Request Replacements?

You could get answers here as well :

@tristanmayer are you using band steering on your mesh setup or do you have a dedicated SSID for the Eufy Cameras / Homebase’s running at 2.4Ghz?