EufyCam 2 Audio Screeching Feedback

I have set up my new EufyCam 2 system today and all is working well except that the audio from each of my two cameras consists of a loud screeching noise. My audio settings choices are microphone on/off and volume low/medium/high. How do I squelch the noise?

First make sure your up to date on the latest firmware for both the base and camera. Second make sure your phone volume isn’t set to max for applications as this cam cause distortion. You can also try disabling audio and then re enabling it to see if that helps

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The media volume on my Samsung S9 phone was turned up to max. I turned the volume down to midrange and the screeching from my cameras went away.
Problem solved. Thank you!

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Great news, glad to have been of help. If you ever have anymore issues feel free to reach out and ill help the best i can