EufyCam 2 and EufyCam 2C

Does anyone know anything about the new EufyCam 2 and EufyCam 2C cameras? Just saw the latest app updates support these new models.

I hope they won’t stop improving the existing model, especially since I just bought them :sob:


You can read up on it here, theres also another link inside that thread to read more


Theres 3 threads about the FCC applications


@Aaron23 the original model eufy cam is still the best so far. These are just variants with stripped down features


Good to know


@Ice1 Bro for president! :crown:


Lol :rofl: thanks bro !

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I bet eufyCam 2 is the only one superior to the original.

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Yet no low power 900mhz link, no 9v fast charging

Would like to know the advantages


and possibly no range extender as well :wink:

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Of course not, why should the 2nd version in any way better or more flawless than the first one?! :wink:

When you add a device in the app you can see the latest models.
The 2C has a built in “flood” light. I guess it’s not that bright though. But I think it’s a nice feature to scare burlars away. I hope they integrate the light as a kind of alert that can be switched on and off in the different modes.

Also I’m still praying for NFC support to switch modes or at least an Android widget to quickly change modes.

Why NFC & how would you want it to work?

@Aaron23 apparently the new design is very similar to the Arlo Ultra Cam with the intergrated spotlight, battery seems to drop to 180 days instead of a full year, however it will be much cheaper than the original ones so I’m looking forward to it. Only 16gb of local storage though, hope it will be enough.

With NFC you could have small tags e.g. placed on your nightstand. When you put your phone there and go to sleep it should activate the alarm on the system. This you don’t have to rely on the schedule or fuddle around manually with the app.

You could have multiple tags. For example at the front door. So when you leave you can activate the system as well…

So NFC support would be even better than an Android widget. The major problem is that eufy doesn’t offer either.

Don’t know of any system that used such things and I can’t see it being implemented

Keypads are soon to be released though, they will do what you’re asking for

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Yeah I see key pads are coming soon