eufyCam 2 alarm not working during night?


I have the eufyCam 2. According to the settings, I have chosen for Schema security mode so that during morning/afternoon, the camera will only record video’s when seeing motion (Home security mode). On the other hand, in the evening/night (when night vision is on most of the time), I want to record + push notification + camera alarm + HomeBase 2 alarm. I have selected it the right way (Away security mode).

Yesterday, I got a push notification in the night (the security was on Away mode) that motion was detected. It was a cat walking in my garden. The camera also recorded and I have the footage. However, nor the camera alarm nor the HomeBase alarm went off. How can this be possible if I selected Schema and the camera was in Away mode? Why didn’t the alarms go off? Or does the camera only ring an alarm when humans are seen (even in Night Vision)?

Thanks for your help.


Thank you for reaching out.

To address your concern, if you have ticked all the boxes for record + push notification + camera alarm + HomeBase 2 alarm, the device should be doing all the alarm and push notification for this case.

Could you please let us know how many Homebase you owned? If possible, please let us know your eufy account and the Homebase serial number so we can further look into this case for you.

Please send all the information to Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you for the quick reply @AnkerSupport. Indeed, I have selected all boxes. I have the HomeBase 2 and this is my first HomeBase.

I might have found the problem, but even then the app could be improved in terms of usability. We have two options for motion detection; ‘Only humans’ or ‘All motions’.

I have selected ‘Only humans’. What I understand from the app, is that during daylight the camera will detect humans only and hence will record and push notifications. However, how about during evening/night (when Nightvision gets activated)? Does it still only detect humans during night, or does it detect all motions?

This is confusing because in my case, the cat walked in my garden. The camera recorded + pushed a notification but no alarms went off.