EufyCam 2 & 2C Rain Shield Suggestions?

My EufyCam 2 and 2C cameras that are mounted outdoors unshielded by the eaves of my house become blinded by rain when in nightvision mode. Raindrops accumulate on the lenses and the result is a murky gray display that obscures most visual details.

Is there a proven method of shielding the camera from rain? I tried making a rain shield by using a plastic drinking cup, cutting out the bottom, and sliding it over the camera, but that resulted in infrared reflections into the lens. The cameras do very well during daytime rain but lose their vision when nightvision activates.


Rain shield is definitely a good suggestion! I’ll forward it to our support team and see how they would apply it to our product. Appreciate for your advice @Clyde3!


Please make these rain shields, Eufy! I end up having to turn off notifications/sirens because the cameras are constantly triggering with false (rain) motion throughout the night. It would be so easy for you to make and I’d immediately preorder 5 of them. :slight_smile:


I also would buy a rain shield right now if the product was there. I have the exact same problem with the night vision absolutely destroyed because of rain!

You guys can always buy the silicone sleeve for the cameras as it has a slight hood on it to prevent rain from getting in the lens. But of course it also depends on the angle you have your camera.

Alternatively you can get this Birdhouse cover

I made a small peak type shield out of a plastic coke bottle that slides between a silicone sleeve & the top of the camera. I’ll see if it works when we have some hard rain.

Had some decent rain and good news, it worked! Best thing is it costs nothing.

Lol that’s awesome :+1: