eufy2 Continuous Display question

I have an eufycam c2 as it was the best option I could come up with for my mother who is in her eighties and was wanting to monitor people approaching the front door. Due to her age she is not as mobile as she used to be so we were setting up a monitor so she could do this.
I installed the camera unit and setup a lenovo tablet to continuously monitor the front door camera, but after a few minutes the display stops and to reactivate it she has to press the continue/resume button.
This is not an ideal situation, we were hoping that the camera would automatically reactivate the display upon detection of human movement, but in the meantime just display the empty area outside the door (last image)
Is this a feature that can be accessed and used?
Is this something that eufy have looked at for future or current development.
Also as a part of this we would expect the display to stay up in full screen view as once the display stops receiving the signal it goes into a reduced size screen which also needs intervention, as she can only see the full screen clearly.