Eufy won't climb on carpet, it is spinning around, one wheel seems to not roll properly

Hi there! I have a six months old eufy cleaner that recently started to have problems on carpet. It won’t climb on the carpet and if it’s there then it won’t go straight. I cleaned it as seen on youtube videos and I observed that one of the wheels is stuck, it doesn’t roll as easily as the other one. I guess that is why it won’t go straight on the carpet. But what can I do to fix it? I looked under the wheel to see if there was anything stuck but couldn’t find any debris or anything else.
What do you recommend? Thanks for giving me advice!

I would recommend emailing Eufy support. Seems like you’ve taken enough steps to see what is wrong. The vac should be under warranty so you might get a replacement or something from Eufy


If you really checked all wheels and cleaned everything there might be an issue with the drive of the wheels.


A video is very helpful.
If you tape the sensors at the bottom, lay the robot on the back and start it,
you could see if wheels rotating.
This shown to the support will be helpful too.

There is a live chat from Eufy-support offered as well