Eufy won here

I won my eufy genie here and I’m having issues connecting it.

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@xxsallyxx831 Can you please explain / provide more details on what issues exactly in connection? Wifi connection? Alexa account integration?

Do let us know, Thanks!

I wish you good luck :thumbsup:

congrats all anker products come a warrenty ask anker support

I was having problems connecting the eufy Alexa speaker too For me it was the power cable and not had the eufy app

This has been debated multiple times on Community… Note that Free items such as prizes, giveaways are NOT covered by Warranty, and May be / will be denied most often.

Please refer to the Warranty info here –

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:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:??? Why though?

Anker has lot of giveaways and prizes… This may have been mis-used in the past and also about cost cutting / expenses for business growth…

There may… may be some exception like 1 time exception, but ty hey are not really under any obligations to fullfil warranty for free products as the warranty clearly states.

PS- user may try to connect support… at max, it will be declined, but does not hurt trying.

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If there are no descriptions of the issues you have , there can not be any help.
Unfortunatley there are no fortune tellers here who own a cristall ball and are able to scry. :wink:

The community is working on those skills, but we haven’t found a member who can do that job. :grin:

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I wish we had one :joy::joy::joy:

congrats for your win :slight_smile: enjoy your item

Congrats! hope you solve the issues

@Chiquinho I like your humor for any situation or question :smile:

Fortune tellers / Crystal Ball :grin::joy::joy:

I’ve had a warranty replacement on cables, PowerCores and earphones before. This is news to me.

Not sure if these replacements were done before the Warranty policy change… there are at least 1 or 2 confirmed denied of warranty for free products here on Community.

I have been very very lucky… Not a single free item I received have gone bad till date ( those which I still have with me)