Eufy Wireless doorbell | Puncture in the speaker

Yesterday when I was trying to remove my doorbell from the wall mount to charge it, I accidentally inserted the pin in one of the speaker holes instead of the pin hole, because they are located next to each other and it was dark outside. So now I have a puncture in speaker membrane. The speaker works fine but now I worry about humidity and water resistance. Do you think there is a way to fix it or will it work fine? I only can think about small piece of black tape on the speaker holes.

Did you puncture the membrane or the case of the bell?

Membrane : I would’nt use a tape. I Think the hole is quite small.
I would try “to seal” it with a little bit of glue.

Name of glues are different here in Germany, so I can not suggest what you could use.
But nevertheless be very careful when dropping → Not to much! :grin:

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Thanks, nice idea actually!
Maybe you can give some glue brands and I will see if we have them in NL.

Did you puncture the membrane or the case of the bell?
I don’t know if it’s rubber or something else but it’s the first layer you see when looking at the “grill” of the speaker.

The Netherlands. :smiley: Welcome : Here.

Is it possible to take photo of that hole (measurements ca)?
The glue should not be to fluid if so it will dissolve into the membrane , making it even worse.

There are many “recipes” . “How to fix a speaker Membrane” around at the net.
But I have never tested so I can not say if this works.

But of course to you : Vrolijk Kerstfeest :smiley:

PS: I forgot to ask, what is the material the membrane made from?
The old ones are made from a kind of paper, the new ones seems to be from plastic.
I suppose its plastic. If so you can use quite everything!

Ok, I disassembled it and found out that I damaged only thin net, covering the grill from inside, but the speaker itself is alright, only small dots on it. It is also protected from water, so nothing is needed.


Ja keep as it is-> no attempts to do something.
All you do could make it worse.
Problem solved so far! :grin:

Grüße aus München!


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That’s true, thank you :smiley:

Und Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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