Eufy wired doorbell issue

I installed the wired eufy doorbell. I noticed that it is not recording when it should. I can stand in front of the device and wave at it for minutes and it does not record. Other times, it does record. I have determined that it has adequate voltage (20+ volts and the in-home bell has been jumped). I am able to view the cam live with out issues, however; the listed display speed range is 75 KB/s - 275 KB/s. I relocated my router within 5 feet of the device and did not notice any change in speed on the live display feed. In addition, I set a range extender on the porch and connect the device to it…also no change. I have the latest firmware update as of 1/13/2020. Is the device faulty or is that the highest network speed that this device is capable of handling? Multiple speed tests on my end indicate a download speed of ~40 mb/s and upload of 5 mb/s.

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Hey @Russ7

In order to look into this issue, could you please send us an email to

Please also let us know your eufy account and the serial number for your device.

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

Can any other eufy doorbell users tell me what kind of network speed that it displays on a live feed?

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Dec 2020
Eufy Video Doorbell 1080p (wired)

Same problem here. I have a Wired Doorbell, T8201, that records only some events. I have set Sensitivity to 100% and restricted the Activity Zone to the area directly in front of the house. I have tested it repeatedly but still it only records some events, the live feed shows everything. Obviously the camera is working just fine, the problem must be with the software. This is not good enough, I want all events recorded.
I have reported this problem to Eufy Support and am waiting their reply, I will update this when I hear back. Until then I will not install the Eufy Cam2 Pro that I have recently purchased.