Eufy Wifi-only connection

How can we use the Eufy Home Base (plus 4 cameras) with WiFi connection only (no internet connectivity at location)?

The initial setup was done with cellular/mobile but when removing the network, the connection to the devices on the same WiFi network seems to drop out.
Unable to connect to HomeBase. (-3 )” or " Failed to request. (-126)

The Homebase requires an active internet connection to be accessible.

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I have a similar Problem the other way round. When my phone/tablet is connected to WIFI I can stream the live-view, but when I am connected to the cellular network I receive most time the error that live-view could not be started. Sometimes it works. An the best is, that I have this problem only since 2-3 days. Before everything worked just fine…


The sad story really is that you pay a lot of money for the system but still has so many software-related issues (agile development/poor testing). Very disappointing indeed.