Eufy video doorbell vs floodlight cam

Dear fellow members, if I have to choose only one among these 2 amazing products, which one should I pick. I know it depends on what the needs are, so here is my current situation.
I have one eufycam (original) watching my front door but as you know, it’s not covering entire field of vew as I have to mount it at certain height and I have 2 wide pillers under my porch which are obstructing majority of the view. And it’s not covering 100% of my garage.
Case1: I can move the eufycam to cover exclusively garage and driveway and buy a video doorbell
Case2: Keep eufycam at front door and buy floodlight cam to cover garage and driveway
Case3 (best case) buy door bell and floodlight and use eufycam somewhere else.

Other than the scenarios above, if you just compare both these products anybody has any opinion about quality of one over the other?

Appreciate any help!!

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I don’t think anyone here has both. I don’t even think anyone here has the floodlight cam at all… I guess you’ll have to just compare specs?

You could ask on the official subreddit to see if anyone there has both…

Thank you @techman I had that feeling when I wrote this, none of the active members had a floodlight cam and having both, very less chances.
I guess I will do my own research and take some time unless I wish to spend on both these wonderful items.

Don’t have the Doorbell (If I had power to where my doorbell is I would buy it though) but have nothing but positive things to say about the Floodlight Cam.

The prerecording buffer means you don’t miss any of the activity. It’s response time for for going live/pulling video is excellent.

Thanks you @Ryan_Mullins for your input :+1:
@TechMan Is pre-recording available in doorbell as well? I would assume yes, as it is connected to power source all the time.

Yes it has prerecording. About 2 seconds before the action.

@Ryan_Mullins eufy is releasing a battery powered doorbell so you’re in luck. I don’t know when the release will be though.

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Thanks :+1:
Yes, the battery powered doorbell just got the FCC approval, so it’s not too long of a wait.