Eufy Video Doorbell video download problems

Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble downloading a video recorded by my Eufy Video Doorbell.
I can watch the video on my phone just fine. If I select download it starts to count to 100 and says the video is downloaded successfully in a banner. But the video is nowhere to be found on my phone. If I select share is starts a loop of counting to 100 and starting over again and again and never proceeds.

The strange thing is this only happens with some videos, while others can be shared.
I do not understand this.

The Eufy Security app seems to be up to date, there are no updates pending in the Google Play Store.
The Homebase has last been updated today on august 11th.

Anyone have some advice for me ?

Well which model of the Eufy doorbell is it.

If it is wired version try pulling out the plug and if it is the battery take out the battery. There is also a reset within the app which will probably resolve the issue.

Is this affecting iOS or Android? I use iOS and have never had issues. The video’s are always in my picture/video folder. Off topic…I found that the house across the street from me is using the same 2k Eufy Doorbell as well! Anker is a growing brand in my neighborhood!

@matthewdmorais It is the battery power one.

@ARTHUR_BRIAN_MOTT I use a Galaxy Note 8 with Android 9. The phone is not rooted.

You can try the reset the system within the phone or pulling out the batteries. Or try deleting the app and refreshing big there might be some sort of software update. If that does not work in Anker’s website under Eufy they have a customer support page where you can call them.