Eufy video doorbell security flaw?

According to Consumer Reports, the Eufy Video Doorbell is among four brands that may have security issues:

"Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab evaluates digital products and services for how well they protect consumers’ data privacy and security. The most critical findings from our tests of video doorbells concern security vulnerabilities we discovered in five models from four brands that can expose user data like email addresses and account passwords. The brands are:

  • Eufy
  • GoControl
  • LaView
  • Netvue

I hope Eufy will address this issue.


Hey @eufy_cams2
I guess that’s the world we live in and part of the risks we take.
I’m no expert, but anything that connects to the internet is ultimately vulnerable.

I’m getting a bit long in the tooth and remember a day CCTV wasn’t a thing outside of stores selling high value equipment.
We used to go to work and on holiday not giving a care to our property. Burglaries still took place, and bikes would still get stolen from our garden sheds. Thieving scum bags aren’t a new thing.

Now we want to get notified when post drops through our door while at work, and that someone walks past our windows when on holiday, or just be away from the house and check in on our home to see if everything is OK.
I think this need to feel safe and have that information fed to us 24hr a day is what’s leading us all feel and be vulnerable.

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Yeah I saw that same article yesterday. You can only be so secure in what you do. Smart passwords that are hard to crack etc. Anything that is created can be cracked. But you can make it more difficult on them.

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I’m happy I didn’t see wyze on that list lol


Funny you say that, I have a Eufy doorbell in the front, and a Wyze cam in the back