Eufy Video Doorbell Review

Today I will be review the eufy video doorbell.

Let’s start at the very beginning- a very good place to begin (this sounds familiar :thinking:).


For the box, you get the standard anker packaging. A blue box, with photos on it. It is of the high quality cardboard you would expect from anker- and of course is very pleasing to the eye.

There isn’t any plastic in the packing- which I’m sure some people will be very exited about. It’s high end packaging, for a high end product.


The instructions are very clear, and easy to understand. They give you the exact steps you need to take in order to install the doorbell. On amazon there is a simple video explaining everything very basically. Then there is the instruction pamphlet in the box, which explains all the steps in depth.

In addition, there are super in depth instructions on the app setup page, which includes troubleshooting, FAQ, specific requirement etc. They give you all the information and resources you need to install this doorbell like an expert.


So when I first got this set up, and properly connected to the WiFi, I had some preliminary thoughts.

The video quality is very good for a security camera (well sorta- doorbell). The notifications are very fast. The doorbell chime is plenty loud enough. One bad thing I noticed is that the live chat thing doesn’t work very well. It usually crashes the app.


I really like how quick the notifications come up. I always know exactly when someone gets to my house. I also really like the thumbnail which shows me (a high quality) image of the person at the door. I like the quick replies- which work quite well. I still haven’t been able to get the live chat to work well.

One thing I absolutely hate, is that if you have a motion notification, it says “view event”. When you follow the notification, it doesn’t take you to the event. It takes you to the live view. I hate this so much- it’s beyond words.

Another thing I don’t like is that if you view the stream live, it won’t take motion clips. If it begins to record one, and then you view it live, it stops recording. I find this to be annoying because i could end up not catching an important clip.

The app has a really clean interface and is super easy to use. It also allows you to manually take videos and photos from the doorbell. It also has motion detection zones- which I don’t use.

The human detection has worked really well for me, and I haven’t h

ad any issues with it at all.


Nice packaging
Easy to set up
High quality video
Night mode work well
Chime is loud
Human detection works well
Notifications are fast
Clean app interface
Nice, beautiful design

Notifications don’t really take you to the event
Live chat doesn’t work well

Overall it’s a really nice doorbell, and I would recommend it to people. Since I don’t own a ring or nest doorbell, I can’t really compare it to the quality of those.

Thanks to anker for letting me test this doorbell for free!

I will update this later with more thoughts, and video clips.

Since so many people want photos, I will add a bunch more later.


Lol I was expecting more pictures coming from you

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I didn’t have time sadly… I really like taking photos so I’m sad about it actually… I might add some more later :wink:

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Ok I’ll keep my eyes on this review :+1:

Nice review

thanks for sharing. Needs pictures!!

Read the whole review closely :wink:

We’re waiting with bated breath!

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Well okay then… copy and paste it into a text editor first

Do you have a Google Hub by chance? Trying to find a way to display the video on to the Hub.

No I don’t, sorry.

Without pics I didn’t enjoy reading your review. Will try again when you put some pics.

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I guess I’ve doomed my review- and my review reputation.

I did post photos, I just sort of hid them so people actually read the review… apparently people just like the pictures :man_shrugging:. I’ll update it.

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I have a hub and it works by adding the Eufy Security integration. It’s a bit slow to start but it works.

I like your review, :+1: but not the test :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No one ever does lol. Cause everyone loses :joy:

Please note for this testing, you will be required to share at least 1 clip of video which is captured by eufy Doorbell on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. And make sure to include the hashtag #seenoneufy.


Okay, I’ll do that soon. Do you like the review besides that?

Good review @TechMan :+1: Not certain about the hidden links though :thinking: