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So I did a review a few months back on this doorbell, but quite frankly it only turned out okay. I thought it would be best to do an updated review of this doorbell, with some new information (and this is major). There have been some bugs that have been fixed, that makes this doorbell nearly perfect. I’m glad to see that eufy put the time in to make this doorbell what it should be. You can purchase the doorbell here


For the box, you get the standard anker packaging. A blue box, with photos on it. It is of the high quality cardboard you would expect from anker- and of course is very pleasing to the eye.

There isn’t any plastic in the packing- which I’m sure some people will be very exited about. It’s high end packaging, for a high end product.

I really like how this packaging displays the product, and tells you all about it. I do wish that there were slightly less photos. The packaging, is slightly (slightly) gaudy, but it’s not too bad.


The instructions are very clear, and easy to understand. They give you the exact steps you need to take in order to install the doorbell. On amazon there is a simple video explaining everything very basically. Then there is the instruction pamphlet in the box, which explains all the steps in depth.

In addition, there are super in depth instructions on the app setup page, which includes troubleshooting, FAQ, specific requirement etc. They give you all the information and resources you need to install this doorbell like an expert.

The doorbell is super slim, which allows it to fit on small doorposts. Mine is super small, so this is really great. I couldn’t fit any other doorbell on my post.

I can’t explain how amazing the instructions are. I can’t imagine anyone having trouble setting this up. (Well maybe my grandma, she might have trouble. But she has trouble operating a blender :thinking:)


So when I first got this set up, and properly connected to the WiFi, I had some preliminary thoughts.

The video quality is very good for a security camera (well sorta- doorbell). The video is very clear, and in compete focus. You can make out anyone’s face that is in the frame. The notifications are very fast, and usually come in two seconds or less (usually less)z The doorbell chime is plenty loud enough, and can be heard anywhere in the house. One bad thing I noticed is that the live chat thing doesn’t work very well. It usually crashes the app.

Edit: a software update has fully fixed the issue with live chat. It works perfectly now. It connect the chat nearly instantly. Both sides are extremely clear, and have very little delay.


I really like how quick the notifications come up. I always know exactly when someone gets to my house. I also really like the thumbnail which shows me (a high quality) image of the person at the door. I like the quick replies- which work quite well. The live chat also works very well, and is extremely useful. I can let my friend now it’s okay to come on in, or let the know mailman to leave the package inside.

One thing that has been updated, is that if you click a notification, it takes you to the beginning of the recorded event. Previously if would take you to the live event. This is a huge upgrade, that is greatly appreciated.

One thing I don’t like is that if you view the stream live, it won’t take motion clips. If it begins to record one, and then you view it live, it stops recording. I find this to be annoying because i could end up not catching an important clip. I hope eufy updates this one in the future.

The app has a really clean interface and is super easy to use. It also allows you to manually take videos and photos from the doorbell. It also has motion detection zones- which I don’t use.

The human detection has worked really well for me, and I haven’t had any issues with it at all. I know some other people have had issues, but I assume those have been fixed as the AI has been trained better.


Nice packaging

  • Easy to set up
  • High quality video
  • Night mode work well
  • Chime is loud
  • Human detection works well
  • Notifications are fast
  • Clean app interface
  • Nice, beautiful design
  • The notifications now take you to the recorded event
  • Live chat works great


  • recordings stop when you begin live-streaming

Overall it’s a really nice doorbell, and I would recommend it to people. Since I don’t own a ring or nest doorbell, I can’t really compare it to the quality of those.

NOTE The links posted in this review are affiliate links. If you ever want to purchase this doorbell, it would really help me out if you used these links. Link. Thanks!

Let me know what you think of this review, or if you have any questions. (I love questions).


Good review update @TechMan!

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Great review update !! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Great take 2 review @TechMan :+1::+1:

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My first pinned post! Thanks @AnkerOfficial!

Have you downloaded a video clip and checked its actual resolution in both light and night mode?

No I haven’t.

I’ve done it now.

For day its 2560x1920

For night it’s 2560x1920

Great to know as the initial review from lifehackster mentioned it was not the full resolution.
If you have a way to post a sample video online of both night and day mode, that would be great :slight_smile:
Thanks again

Great review! I also have this doorbell installed at my house and I was experiencing a lot of the same issues you mentioned at the beginning (especially the live chat crashing the app). Glad to see that most of them have been fixed!

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