Eufy video doorbell „p2p connection error“

Both, homebase 2 and video doorbell (battery), have full WLAN reception. The bell also rings at the station. However, I cannot connect to the doorbell in the app.
„…P2P connection failure“. It feels useless.

Hi @German-Wings,

We may need more information to address the issue for you.
If it’s possible, please email us at with a video of how the error message pops up when you try to make the connection.

Thank you
The Anker Community Team

Hallo Ankerguys,
after building a new WLAN and pressing it into eufy, it works like a charme… I don‘t know, what is the problem before … but I do not want to put research work into this specific problem solving.
So have a deeper look into medium stable 2.4 Ghz Wifi networks … or perhaps instable internet-connection.
Thank you for your offer of help