Eufy Video Doorbell - Google assistant integrations


Would anybody know how to have specific google/nest home devices play notifications and not all of them?

And is anybody familiar with triggers to automatically live-stream to nest hub / Lenovo smart display when the doorbell is pressed?

Many thanks!

I doubt that Google allow auto live stream, would imagine they would keep that feature to the nest hello, that’s the only doorbell that I know of with that feature

Hi, thanks for your reply.

They do actually allow life stream, but you have to give a voice command to display the life view and it would be great if this life view is triggered by pressing the doorbell.

As for the Nest hello, I agree that this is also a decent doorbell, however the Nest hello must be wired (which is not an option for me) and needs a paid subscription.

Doesn’t have to have a subscription but does have to be wired but also the only doorbell that has AUTO view