Eufy Video Doorbell 2K with multiple doors

I recently got a Eufy Video Doorbell 2K. My house has 2 doors and the existing door chime has 2 sets of wires connected to 2 Doorbell switches. After hooking up the Eufy, will the second doorbell switch still work (I.e. ring the old chime)?

Best would be a test.
You can not make something wrong.

:grimacing::man_shrugging:. You could test it :man_shrugging:.

I would be more concerned about getting enough power to the doorbells…

I’d be concerned if the eufy doorbell needed that much power

I’d guess that the reason for disconnecting the chime for the Eufy doorbell is because they didn’t fit a large capacitor or a small battery which meant that it will loose power if it was used to activate the chime

If another doorbell activates the chime the voltage will drop but it should be enough to affect the Eufy doorbell

My 14v transformer outputs 22v with my nest doorbell & drops to 16v when chime sounds (transformers output higher when not loaded, the more loading the closer it gets to the rated voltage)

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Hello!@ Bill_W Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience and confusion caused! To accurately address your concern, could you please contact us via and provide with the device info as well as the model of transformer you’re using now? Our associated support staff will forward your issue to our engineer team and make a further checking on your device. Thanks so much for your valuable time!