Eufy Video Doorbell 2K - Unboxing , Install, & First Impressions


First of all, HUGE THANKS to Anker for letting me try this video doorbell! In this review, I will unbox the product, go through the installation and setup process (videos included), and give my first impressions. I’ve been researching video doorbells for over a year, but this is my first install. Let’s get started: :wink:

The UnBoxing

The package included the following:

  • Wired doorbell
  • Doorbell Chime
  • Mounting plate
  • 15 deg wedge
  • Extension wires and wire nuts
  • Jumper wires for the existing doorbell transformer
  • Screws with a positioning card
  • Warning sign
  • Doorbell removal key

Thoughts About the Unboxing:

Everything that I needed was included in the package. EVERYTHING. There was no need to run to Home Depot for extra wire or wire nuts. The only other item that they could have provided was a properly sized drill bit (I personally didn’t need it, I’ve seen other doorbell makers provide one).

Installation & Setup

Thoughts About the Installation & Setup:

The installation of the Eufy doorbell was an absolute delight! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The instructions were straight forward and intuitive with pictures and steps (in the quick-start paper instructions and in the app). There were no hiccups, glitches, or issues of any kind. And bonus points to Eufy for their doorbell holes lining up with my existing doorbell! I didn’t even need to drill new holes! :laughing:
After installing the doorbell and turning back on the breaker, the app walked me through the setup process…which was a breeze. I had the doorbell and chime working in less than 5 minutes.

Thoughts on Performance

Notification Speed Test Video:

The very FIRST thing that I wanted to know about the doorbell is “how fast are the notifications?” Answer: Pretty darn fast! I tested the notification speed when motion was detected and when someone rings the doorbell. Even with my device on cellular data with only one bar, motions alerts only took a few seconds (after setting Notification>Full effect in the app) and doorbell chime notifications were instantaneous (see video above)!

Pros & Cons

After testing this doorbell for several days, here are my likes and dislikes:


  • The Price: Compared to Ring & Nest, the Eufy doorbell has a very competitive price.
  • No fees for cloud storage or extra features like other doorbells! :raised_hands:t5:
  • Fast notifications with thumbnails of the person’s face attached.
  • Great video quality. Eufy has enabled 2K recording (2560x1920) on to the internal memory:
  • Pre-recorded quick responses - When someone rings the doorbell, you can play a pre-recorded message from the app. There are (3) included and you can record up to (3) more. Some other doorbells don’t offer this feature.
    *Motion detection zones - Set a custom zone to prevent false motion alerts.
  • The people detection works really well! The doorbell automatically finds the visitor’s face, zooms in, and send you a picture of it:
  • You can change the video streaming quality and video recording quality independently.
  • The app offers to many great features to name and it already works well in the upcoming version of iOS 13.


  • Internal 4GB memory is not up-gradable. Personally, I think that this is enough space for me but others may want more. I currently have (12) motions events saved on the internal memory at full 2K resolution. My used storage is only at 8.6%.
  • No cloud storage options. It would be nice to have motions events uploaded to dropbox or ftp. There is currently no way to recover footage if the doorbell is stolen.
  • As I mentioned above, the motion alerts were really fast, but only after I changed the notification settings to Full Effect. This settings lets the doorbell notify you was soon as it sees motion, then it “updates” the notification with the person’s face.
  • No Apple Homekit integration (yet).

Warning…Apple Fanboy Rant Ahead:
The only reason that I know about Eufy is because they were mentioned during the Apple developers conference. Eufy is one of the companies working on bringing Homekit Secure Video to their products. Is the Eufy video doorbell going to get this feature? I truly hope so. Because, a reasonably priced Homekit doorbell currently doesn’t existing in the smart home ecosystem.


So far, the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K has been rock-solid. The audio and video are great. Notifications are really, really fast…Even over cellular. I highly recommend it (especially if they add support for Apple Homekit :wink:)


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Thanks for your clear and detailed tutorial video! I’m enjoy to read the review that you created!
Good Job! The suggestions that you mentioned in the post will also be shared with our eufy security team. Thanks again!


Hi Carl, I’d love to create video reviews for the Anker family in the future. I’m a professional video producer and very passionate about Anker products. Please let me know if there is anyway I can get in contact with you guys to talk about possibilities. Thanks, Guido

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Sounds like you need a partnership with anker :wink:. Things like this pop up on all the time. The only current promotion I know of is the ambassador project. You can apply here.

Best of luck!


Some great points mentioned thanks, I wouldn’t mind a similar type of doorbell so I’m trying to read up on different ones.

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Awesome review… great job!

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Great review :clap: thanks for sharing!
Don’t worry, Apple HomeKit is coming, if not for this model, the next gens will get it :smile:

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You are totally right! Thanks I’ll be checking it out.

Very good review and video segments @Carl_Evans …you will reach more people if you change your videos from Unlisted to Public on YouTube (so they will show in searches) :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome review! Great job! :ok_hand:

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Thanks! My intent was to use the video clips for the review and combine them into one for Youtube but I may just leave them separated.

Please note for this testing, you will be required to share at least 1 clip of video which is captured by eufy Doorbell on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. And make sure to include the hashtag #seenoneufy.


Great videos showing how easy it is to install as well showing the quick you get the notifications. Great product and review :clap:

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Great written review and helpful video segments in between! :clap:t2:

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Will Do! Thanks.