Eufy tunable white bulb review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Eufy Lumos Tunable White Smart Bulb offers a solid range of color temperatures, from 2700K to 6500K, and it’s easy to pick a temperature and set brightness without delving into sub-menus. Changes are instantaneous or were for me, but I have a pretty robust wifi network despite there being well over 100 nearby Networks the bulb responded instantaneously over the last two weeks.

Eufy checks off nearly all the specs one could ask for in a smart lighting system. The tunable bulb cranks out a solid 800 lumens while drawing 9 watts of power, work without the need for a hub, and can be controlled with voice commands via Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant or Google Assistant. The bulbs even support external dimmers. While the bulbs are a little on the large side, as the heat sink at the base is a bit elongated(not necessarily A Bad Thing)and they will fit fine in most cases.

Setup is very straightforward with the Eufy tuneable blub, the EufyHome app walking you through joining each bulb’s temporary Wi-Fi network, then moving it over to your home’s standard 2.4 Wi-Fi network. (If you’re having problems setting up the bulb turn off your mobile data.)

Within the app you’ll find a straightforward control system, including the ability to share control with other users, tweak bulb settings, and set up schedules. The app is well-designed and easy to use, and even includes another useful feature called away mode, which randomly turns the bulbs on and off for minutes or hours at a time while you are away from home.

My favorite features are the Alexa or Google home voice control, After adding the appropriate skill, Alexa & Google home found my bulb immediately, and voice commands—though basic, as is common for smart bulbs—worked flawlessly. ON/OFF, Modes such as night light, 1%-100% brighrness, reading mode, ect, brightness and bulb light temperature, soft white, warm white, bright white and everything in between.

There is one hiccup with the Eufy gome app, it’s in the way groups work. You can’t assign different types of bulbs to the same group, basic warm white, color and tuneable. so if you have tunable warm white and color bulbs you’ll need to manage them separately. While a nuisance, this probably won’t affect many users. The problem can be overcome by setting up groups in the Alexa app but will only allow you to turn those groups on and off.

I am looking forward to the updated user interface in the eufy home app said to be released any day now.

The eufy tuneable bulb is an amazing value considering its quality, the Eufy bulb is solidly constructed, provide excellent quality lighting, and are easy to use through the EufyHome app or with Alexa/Google assistant commands. If you’re looking to get going with smart lighting without forking over a mountain of cash for the privilege, Give Eufy a look.


Wow, very in depth! Thanks!

Great review and pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Nice review, this is on my list of things to buy. I like being able to control the lighting via Alexa or google. And even more so is the color temp range.

Nice review!!! well done!!

Great review! Definitely worth getting, and the tunable color version as well

Great review and pics, thank you for sharing :smiley: :thumbsup:

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Does that mean they are finally combining apps?

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No, Not just yet but I’m sure they will eventually. The blood pressure monitor/scale app are still controlled with the Eufy Life app.

Do even make the blood pressure cuff anymore? I wanted one of those but I haven’t seen one listed for a while.

Not sure but they still support it.

Excellent review & pics @Jesse_Hernandez1 , one of these is still on my ‘to purchase’ lists :grin:

Thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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You should pick up the color model for the holidays orange for Halloween etc.


The new Eufy home app is now available for Android.

Not a huge fan of the new light temperature selector wheel. I would prefer some sort of slider but other than that the app works great.


Is this the same or different

Appeared just now.

it doesn’t look like there’s any pictures up on the FCC site yet but I’m betting that it’s going to have a smaller form-factor more like a normal incandescent light bulb.

If that’s the case I’m going to have to pick up a few for my lamps and fixtures that do not look quite right with the larger bulbs or that the larger bulbs would not fit.

Probably wait for a tunable version though.

Here you go

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