Eufy tips and hints?

I’m hoping some experienced Robovac users have some hints and tips to share to help us get the most out of our new vacuum.
I’m having a problem with the vac getting stuck in one or two places. It noses under the closed footrest of a rocking recliner then gets stuck there by the footrest. It also sometimes has trouble getting out from under our couch. The bottom of the sides of the couch taper down from front to back, and Eufy will get wedged in there.
I’m trying to think of something that will act as a barrier in these two locations, but not look horrible.
Any and all other hints would be welcomed.

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I experience the very similar issues. Unfortunately I haven’t come across a solution. One thing I do know is that the Robovac 20 (discontinued a while back) included a sonic wall to keep it from going in areas that you don’t want it to. This might not relate to what you’re talking about, but I’ve had several times when I wished there was a sonic wall.

It’s not very elegant, but I shove a pillow under the furniture at the spot where my Roomba tends to get stuck. :joy:

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Another place the vac sometimes gets stuck is under the side rails of our bed. In some areas it’s OK, in others it wedges itself in. I’m thinking that if I put a 1/4 or 1/2" lift under the legs of the bed that would solve the problem. That’s one area that REALLY needs cleaning, and it’s hard to do manually.

Share some tips: as the RoboVac does not have any memory, it cannot memorize the location of the charging station so it starts to find its way along the walls / edges when battery low, until it finds the charging station. It does not clean the floors during this process to save power.:joy:

Will there be a Robovac that has memory?!

Interesting problem there, as the nature of what it does there will be some wheel slip so you can’t use an internal memory of wheel rotation to calculate where is home. You’d have to use a combination of memory with two sensors and go towards the strongest signal side.

I’m not talking about just for finding home, but for simply cleaning your house evenly.

I put a swim noodle black color under the area where it tends to get stuck.

But I always wonder why not support a QR code where the Eufy can scan and have that as the virtual wall. It can also use that to understand its position of a home. i.e., clean one room before it gets out.

Having the above idea as a concept I’m working on a DIY… to mount a cheap battery backed lightweight wifi camera on eufy which can do the QR scanning and use a central server to recognize its position inside home and RF blast the remote control codes to navigate the home better.


You can always try the clear plastic guard or vinyl and put that at the base of your furniture. I ha e seen my aunt do that at her house. She also used a heavy cover over her cush so the room a thought it wa’s furniture

Hi. Mine gets stuck on the sloping chrome foot of kitchen chairs. It’s especially tricky because it’s a gradual incline and very shiny. It’s not obvious to me what I could do to protect them (that isn’t really ugly). The eufy 30c mag strip can’t go underneath and can’t easily go around the circular edge.

Does anyone have any clever solutions?

No solution: :pensive:
You might remove this kind of chairs when the robot is working.

Eufy sometimes gets stuck under some dressers and credenzas, but not always so it just needs a little more room. We put some of those Teflon or button feet on the bottom of those pieces of furniture and presto, no more getting stuck.
We do have some exercise equipment in some rooms and used the small weights to block the path. They’re out of sight and manage to keep Eufy out of trouble.
Eufy caused me to go around and zip tie or velcro cables and cords so they won’t get in the way. No dust bunnies under the bed.
The ottoman in the living room is a challenge, so when I go to bed at night I lock the doors check the lights, and flip the ottoman on its’ side. Flip it back in the morning (Eufy runs on the night shift).


Thanks, all

Sadly, it looks like moving all the chairs is the only option in my case.

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So I can was having the same problem. I bought two command strip hooks and put them on the top of the robot. It doesn’t look great but it keeps the robot from going under our furniture.

The glue won’t hurt the plastic so bonus.

I am looking for black ones so they won’t be so noticeable.

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So… This may not work for you, but problem solved. mine was getting stuck under my fridge bottom drawer. I was going to use the magnet strip that came with it, but when I tested it in the open, it goes a couple inches over. I didn’t want the strip sticking out, so I started looking for something I could build underneath to act as a bumper when it hit me. I instead put down the little leveling feet to raise it the .0001" needed to let it close right under without getting stuck. So if it is that close for you maybe look at something similar. Even felt pads or something on a couch may be enough to just add that space.

How about mounting permanent wheels on bottom of couch…might B the best thing you’ve ever done. Always wanted that myself.

Some of the earlier suggestions also worked for me (teflon feet to raise a couch 1/2", twist tying cords together) but since the Eufy turns around when approaching a wall, I tried putting a white 2 1/2" high strip of wood under the couch. Its infrared eyes see that as a wall and it turns around. Obviously you don’t want wood strips all over your house, but it works under couches / beds if you don’t want it to go under there.

Another idea.
I taped some thicker foam-tape on the two “fenders” of the bumper.
So the “hit” is very soft.
Helps a lot if you care much about your furniture.
Try it! :smiley:

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Very clever, easy 2 move any location. I took cardboard box, made 3 fold barrier 6 in high, taped black duct tape 2 match furnishings, also movable, but yours is much simpler. Smart…