Eufy Starlit String Light with Remote Control

Recently Anker customer support was very kind in providing me with a gift of Eugy Starlit String Light with Remote Control. It totally made my Christmas even more bright. I am very grateful for their kind gesture.
I want to share my thoughts about the product and its performance.
It came in a brown box (departure from typical blue/white Anker box).

Inside there was the 33 ft / 10 meter long string light. Its AC wall connector, Remote control, welcome guide and a happy/unhappy card.

I will update pictures with lights working (unfortunately I was so excited to get it installed prior to christmas that I totally forgot about pictures).

Lights work great!!! they have tons of light effects which can be controlled with remote. They have 3 brightness levels (25%, 50% and 100%). I have installed it with a automatic turn on/off timer (not provided with product). It performs great.

I do have one minor suggestion to improve this product. Include the timer function so that it can turn on/off at certain times.
Overall I’m very pleased with this product. Amazon link


Ooooooo I like

These look very nice! I would use them with a smart plug so I could make them part of an Alexa Routine.


I’m a big fan of string lights and the endless possibilities that you can do with them.

I’ve had many pairs of lights sent to me by various Chinese companies that have actually been alright quality wise but I wouldn’t say no to adding some Eufy ones to my collection.

Great review by the way! :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Then I’d have it on, year round :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta love smart plugs.

These do look good, last set of led strip lighting I bought was for behind my tv as “mood lighting” but those changed colours.

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These don’t change color but have tons of effects on them which are customizable. I’m using them on my window and it looks awesome.

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Yeah I would guess they would be good for making a feature of something.

Get up some pics :tongue:

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Here is one from outside my window.


Ooh now I wanna get these for use around my PC setup… Maybe add a touch of hue color as well. Hurry up and come tax time

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