Eufy Spaceview sound stutter

Hi all!

I have received my Eufy Spaceview baby monitor today, and the sound stutters non stop. Any idea why this might be happening?

Thanks everyone!

As far I remember that monitor use WIFI.
You should make a test with the item close to the router.

I agree. My router is on one side of the house and when I go to the back bedroom, it will sometime get issues. The issue could be an issue with that connection.

To get a more concrete answer you contact Eufy support or navigate to the Eufy community for a better and bigger community support.

Contact support as aast resort :+1:

I might be wrong, but could it be that my Playstation’s wifi connection is interfering with the baby monitor?

Yes that’s possible.

There are only 3 2.4Ghz WiFi non-overlapping bands, so it only takes 3 neighbours interference then mean you have congestion. It’s worse also for geek’s houses and every device will be contributing to self causing congestion.

The trick is to move to 5Ghz possible.

  1. see if your router is broadcasting separate SSID for 5Ghz than 2.4Ghz, if it is already then skip next step.

  2. go to router WiFi settings and make 5Ghz on a different SSID, e.g. add -5 to existing SSID.

  3. go to ever device in the home you have control over. If they see the 5Ghz SSID then forget the 2.4Ghz existing SSID and connect to the 5Ghz SSID.

  4. ensure router is not near any metal, particularly metal pointing up/down like wires in the wall.

  5. ensure baby monitor is not itself near metal.

  6. try to minimise distance and how much brick/concrete is between baby monitor and router.

  7. if the issue is the 5Ghz frequency cannot itself get far enough, consider investing in a Powerline 5Ghz access point. 5Ghz doesn’t itself get far through walls, which is good to stop you being interference with neighborhood, but may mean you need to add more 5Ghz yourself.

  8. if you’re on good communication with neighborhood get as many as possible to move to 5Ghz themselves, helps everyone.

You forgot:

Check the channels your nearby neighbors are using.
Try to change to a channel which is not used.
I use the channel 13 at home, not shown by many routers😁

1, 6, 11 are the non overlapping channel groups.

I didn’t forget.

Most routers are default to auto so they react to congestion they see you don’t see (neighbour’s neighbours) so if you look and see them on a channel, and you statically pick another channel you may make it worse as you’re not allowing your router to change to a less busy channel when you’re not looking.

Depends on the router.
For me its more clear to check, whats around and make my
own decision, which can be worse or better than the router’s.:grin:
At home there are about 3 other WIFIs (routers from neighbors, but not close → next single house left and right) never changing their channels.

Ideally yes you’d cooperate with the physically nearest / through the thinnest walls neighbours and each agree static channels, so your routers don’t bounce off each other.

But in general a static channel doesn’t work as some neighbours routers will change their channel and so conflict with yours when you’re not looking.

5Ghz doesn’t go through walls as good as 2.4Ghz so using it yourself, and as many neighbours as possible, means you inherently interfere less. Then any older / cheaper WiFi devices, which can’t do 5Ghz, have less competition.

My old devices can not use the 5 Ghz.
(5Ghz has much more channels, so conflicts are less)

So I check the neighbors, as I said.
The signals of their routers are very weak, because of the distance.
We all know the most important thing is, where the router is located.
Even a little altering of the position can in- or decrease the signal

Exactly why you move what can move to 5Ghz to free up spectrum for 2.4Ghz.

Even if you are ok, there’s possibly some low power WiFi doorbell suffering somewhere as you broadcasting 2.4Ghz.

Everything and everyone which can move to 5Ghz should, which is usually the newer and higher power devices so the older and lower end devices have less competition. This basically puts us back to how it was intended when 2.4Gjz WiFi was invented the couple of devices we each owned would be fine with the 3 non overlapping channels. Since then a typical home is now around a dozen devices.

But why are so many items still offered,
which can be used with 2,4 Ghz only?

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Hmm only reason why I think that would be a problem is if you have a weak signal and you are streaming, playing online or downloading a game, I could be wrong tho