Eufy SpaceView enhancement request

Love the monitor so much that we bought a second for our two toddler rooms. My main complaint is the inability to quickly change between cycle mode and single camera mode. Having to go to the menu each time is not feasible since there are many times throughout the day where only a single monitor is needed. Since we have two monitors it will always cycle between them unless I make the change in the menu. If you review the customer Q&A and Reviews on Amazon you will find similar feedback.

“There is also no simple, fast way to switch between cameras. You have to turn on a cycle mode and wait for the camera to switch. “

I have seen other monitors that do allow for this. My solution is simple. It would be to allow for single and cycle mode selection via the main navigation button on the handset. For instance, if you have two cameras each time you push the button it would change from Camera 1 only, Camera 2 only, Cycle, and repeat. This essentially removes the manual step of having to enter the main menu and scroll to the cycle section to enable or disable.