Eufy smart scale unit of measure?

Hi everyone :wave:
I got a Eufy smart scale yesterday and got the thing working easily but I can’t get the scale to permanently read in kilograms? Surely I don’t have to turn it on, open the battery cover and push the UNIT button every time I want to use the scale?
I have t been able to see any settings in the app either. Another thing is when I did get it to read in kilograms, it still displayed my weight in pounds in the app.
Driving me nuts!
Thanks in advance for any help.


Very interesting. I don’t see anything in the app. The manual says to step on the scale and to select the unit for measurement. Don’t see why it wouldn’t use the last setting

You see that’s what I thought too but nope :-1:

Clearly it sees pounds as superior :wink:

Hi @saffaclint79 you can set it in the EufyLife app

From the main page. Click me at the bottom, then preferences, then weight and change the value.


Thank you for that info, I’ll give it a go when I get home tonight :+1:


Hi @saffaclint79, sorry for the inconvenience the scale caused. And @Oggyboy thank you so much for your ideal response! Rest assured we always stand by our products and we’re more than glad to help resolve your issue.

Kindly be advised that the measurement unit on the scale is based on what you set in your app. For example, if you choose “kg” in the app and set “pound” on the scale, the scale would turn to kg next time automatically when the app and scale are connected.

In this case, you could follow the below steps to reset your preferences:

1 Enter the EufyLife app and choose “Me” to enter the settings;
2. Select “My Preferences” then choose “Weight” to set the unit you like.

In case of further assistance, feel free to contact us via

Thanks for your time and understanding!


Yes it took me a while to realise the setting in app when reviewing…had me perplexed for an hour or two haha Highly recommended :slight_smile:

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Sorry to take so long getting back to you all :neutral_face: I followed the instructions given by Oggyboy and now it measures in kilograms every time, thanks mate. Thank you also to Anker support for replying to this thread.


Good news @saffaclint79 and you are welcome :blush:

I have exactly this problem and these instructions no longer work: I can’t find “My Preferences” anywhere in the app.

On top of that, I stepped on the scale straight out of the box just to try it out still wrapped up in all my heavy winter outdoor clothes and it automatically stored that weight as my baseline and I can’t find any way to undo it or get the app to ignore that weight. I tried uninstalling, but the data was saved when I reinstalled. Do I need to delete my account and start again? And if I do, how can I get it to read kg the second time??

This is infuriating! It’s enough to make me want to return it in favour of an ordinary dumb scale and a notebook. At least that would remember the unit setting between uses!

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Same here. How on earth do we set the units?!

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