Eufy smart scale review

So I have been uses the smart scale for about a month now and here is my review on it!

How easy is it to use?

Well it’s very easy it’s takes a few minutes to setup to turn it on it is using a weight pressured sensor which you have to get used to. The scale has three settings kg,lb and stone! Very easy to change through the app or the scale !

Using the Apple Heath app
This is byfar my favourite feature I love the Apple health app easy to use simply allow the eufy app through the Apple health app and you are ready to go! I couldn’t be more easy it’s really helpfull for tacking your weight!

The eufy app
I love the app it’s easy to connect the scale to the app via Bluetooth 4.0 shows all the measurement you would want and you can add family members to which I haven’t done yet :joy:! The app is very clean no adds on works like a charm I would recommend for iPhone users using Apple health!

other features!
The scale or well the app can measure your water intake had to much or to little of course you BMI muscle mass, bone mass, body fat mass, lean body mass, the list just goes on!

The big one would I recommend it
I am trying my best not to be biased because I got on the power draw but for £39.99 it’s great value for money it does uses 4 aaa batteries which anker includes! The app is great works well with Apple health you can’t go wrong!
Five stars from me good job anker :+1:


Very good review. Can you include some photos of the actual scale?

Yeah see I tried that anker says the size is too big!
?!?? Ill try again

Yeah, that happens. I usually screenshot the photo I’m trying to upload, and then crop it down to the size of the original photo. If you understand what I mean

Done that thank you for the tip :+1::ok_hand:

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nice review :thumbsup:

Nice review @Alex_Honnor thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

Good review :ok_hand: thanks for sharing

Nice review and photos!! :muscle:


Great Review! Screenshots and photos are very helpful. I have the same scale. Love it!


thanks the scale is so so good :blush:

If you try to weigh yourself on the scale 2-3 times in a row, are the weights returned the same?

yes quite cool

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Great review @Alex_Honnor Very well written… I have the C1 and I am wondering if the Apple Heath app will work with it… Hmmmm

thanks for sharing!

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Great review and screenshots!

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great review!

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Great review and photos Alex! I’ve had these scales for some time now and they are awesome.

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