Eufy Smart Scale C1 Review

Hey guys.

Won the Eufy Smart Scale C1 in the power draw recently and it arrived today!
So here’s a brief review of my findings so far.

It has to be said the outer box is pretty dull. But then selling on Amazon and not in retail stores that doesn’t really matter.

The internal packaging again is simple and protective enough.
You get a few booklets and a set of AAA batteries which is great.

First Impressions;
Very modern stylish set of scales. Mine arrived in black (also available in white) and looks good in my grey and granite bathroom.
It has a clear, large easy to read display which is great if you use it in a brightly lit bathroom as mine is.

Setting Up;
Slip in the 3 x AAA batteries supplied.
If you don’t want all the extra health information you can jump on and start weighing, if you want more information you’ll need to download the EufyLife app.
Connection was a slightly odd experience as I was looking to sync the scales to my phone but i couldn’t, the app needs to be open and it pairs to the scales.
You can set the app for multiple named users and when you set up a user you are asked for the name, age and height of the person.
Looking at the app you can also connect to Fitbit and Apple Health.
There are 4 metal spots which your feet needs to make contact with and you’ll get loads of stats on your body health - Weight, BMI and Body Fat % to name a few.
Weight can be measured in lb or kg.

In Use;
Open the app and jump on.

The scales automatically turn on and immediately takes your weight, then goes through a brief process to obtain your health information.
This updates your information to the app almost instantly.
The weight range is 11-397lb or 5-180kg

EufyLife App;
I haven’t used the app before. It’s very intuitive and didn’t need to refer to instructions to connect to scales or set up profiles.
There is help built into the app if you need it.
The app opens to the person you last weighed in with.

From this screen you can access information on your last weigh-in.
You can click on More to see Detailed Reports of that weigh-in, Trends to see your weigh-in details via a line or bar graph and History to show more detailed report history.

From the More and History screens you can click the tile/box, say BMI, to see further information on that subject.

These tiles are also colour coded to show low, normal and high measurements.

I really like the app, or don’t have a Fitbit or use Apple Health so think I’ll stick with the Eufy offering.

I was recently weighed by a doctor and came in at 79.7kg.
These scales weighed me in at 79.5kg. I weighed myself 5 times and the results was the same each time which is reassuring.

In summary;
This is a stylish, easy to use and accurate set of scales.
Easy to use app for health tracking.
Low profile design so can easily be stored.
Runs on cheap readily available AAA batteries.
I would happily recommend these to anyone wanting to track their health.


I’ve found this to be the case with mine also. When I get weighed in at the doctor’s office, it’s always higher. But most of the time, it’s only by a couple of pounds. But then again, I shrunk too :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job with the review, as always. :slight_smile:

Your weight will always vary based on time of day and what you have or have not eaten.

Me personally, I dont like this scale or any scale cause they dont weight me. Jut the family likes and uses it so I guess that’s what matters. One day it will weigh me, just not today


Nice Detailed review and photos!!

I always look for a scale which shows my weight reduced :joy: … you got it built in :ok_hand:


Thanks @Shenoy
If it knocks a few hundred grams off every time I weigh that would be great :joy:


Thanks @Nhi
A slight discrepancy is fine.
I’m not anxious about my weight just interested.
And I guess as long as you weigh yourself on the same scales every time that’s fine :+1:t2:


Hey @Tank
Yes, weight can fluctuate and people need to be consistent when measuring.
I hope your day will come for you to use these :+1:t2:


Good job on the detailed review with photos :grinning:
Do you need to select which profile/person you are weighing in the app beforehand to save the weight information to the appropriate profile?


Thanks @Thanuj_Fernando
At the top of the main screen you will see the main name - Paul in the picture, next to my name you will see D and C which are the first initials of the other profiles. You select your name and jump on.


Good review @paulstevenewing, have the 1st gen myself…one thing to keep in mind is make sure the floor you are getting weighed on is solid (tile, wood etc)…carpet, lino (linoleum) or flooring with underlayer or a slight give can throw the measurements off by a few pounds…

Had four different weights ranging over 6-8lbs when I tried on different floor surfaces, the app though is smart enough to warn of the rapid weight change in a short time period, which I thought was rather cool :slightly_smiling_face:


After some beers in the belly I will get a warning!
Will not use such a severe “big brother” ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Great review and pictures. Well done @paulstevenewing :ok_hand:


great review and nice photos :ok_hand:


Thanks for the advice @ndalby
I noticed the feet are quite small which wouldn’t make them suitable for carpet.
Thankfully I have a hard flat floor in the bathroom so any change (Increase) in weight is unfortunately all my own doing.


Thanks @Chiquinho @Tank @Thanuj_Fernando @Ice1 @ndalby @Daiross @Shenoy @Nhi for your kind word.


Thanks for sharing. I really love my scale as well. I’ve had mine over a year now and still working on the original batteries.

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Nice review and thanks for sharing!:clinking_glasses:


Great review! Thanks for sharing!

Someone’s flexing their legs :joy:


Thank you @AnkerOfficial and you’re welcome :+1:t2:


Thanks @TechMan
I was waiting for a comment re the legs, but if I’m honest was hoping for some female attention :joy: