Eufy smart plug

I have a small fan plugged into my Eufy smart plug. The plug is on the network and can be turned on and off via Eufy app and Alexa. However even when the switch is off the fan stays on. The fan does not have batteries. The Eufy plug is plugged into a power strip. What am I missing? As a side note I also experimented with a small table lamp and the same thing happened. The fan does have a power button and the lamp had a power switch.

Sounds like a faulty unit email for a replacement.

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You might try resetting the plug and delete it from the network/app and reset it. I’ve had similar issues with other brand smart plugs. That’s how I was able to fix it.

Support should be able to help sort this out. It might not be until next week. Support isn’t always there on the weekends.

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I have never had this particular problem what is the reset procedure?

I’m not sure. On mine it was hold the power button down until it started to rapid flash and then I had to remove the item from the network and app.

I would contact support for the steps to correct this issue.

Good to know if I ever encounter this problem

Attempted reset and removal of switch from network. Nothing changed and I believe it’s probably a combination of things: faulty plug and maybe the fan can’t be turned on from a switch. I did try another Eufy smart plug and it did turn the fan off but it did not turn the fan on.

I wish @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport would weigh in but they are off on the weekends your best bet is to email

I’m sorry I couldn’t offer more help but rest assured Anker will take care of you.

Thank you. I’ll send an email as you suggested. I’ll report back when I have new info.

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